Hazrat Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq By Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani A FAMOUS BOOK WRITTEN IN DEFENCE OF HAZRAT MUAVIA [R.A] Hazrat Ameer Muaviyah [r.a] Aur Tareekhi Rivayaat By Shaykh Muhammad. Ameer Muawiya Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq Author Mufti Taqi Usmani. May Click to Download Click to Read on Scribd. Post a Comment. For More Islamic Books For More Islamic Books Visit For More I.

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I hope you get my point. You can download and see through the chapters related to the years ranging from 30 to 65H.

If some Sahaba had something wrong, Allah will not ask us about that but if they were really acquitted from that, we will be held responsible in front of Allah for believing in reports transmitted through doubtful channels.

If the answer is yes, we should go for it but if the answer is no, why to conduct a debate on an issue that has not been settled during last 14 centuries. I hope you ll not think that I am a Shia because ‘I am not’.

Hazrat muavia r a aur tareekhi haqaiq by shaykh mufti taqi usmani download pdf book

Recently, a group of Arab scholars named BarzanjiHallaqZia al- U’mri and Khalil have conducted that evaluation and found that large number of reports in this book are fake. All other history books of subsequent periods were written based on Tabari’s work.


Rest of the books are written on the basis of his compilation. If you know Arabic, you should study the history from its original source.

Similarly, facts related to assassination of Bin Laden are also disputed. The length of ruling period is not a sign of patients.

Hazrat Muavia r.a Aur Tareekhi Haqaiq By Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani

We know that some people are biased towards Hazrat Abu BakrU’mar. I even extend this to all other people and do not accuse anyone for any charge against him and leave their matter to Allah.

And then he tried to convert the muslim khilafat into malookiat.

My point is that if you want to quote an example it should be a good example. Nobody believes that Sahaba were free from sin. Why should we not do so in this case and leave the matter to Allah for such people who passed away a long time before us and we do not have reliable information available to put a charge against them. Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah. He will decide this issue on the Day of Judgment.

False Accusations on Caliph Mu’awiya رضی اللہ عنہ

All those who accepted their caliphate will also be charged automatically as they accepted corrupt rulers. Mohadisin have devised a great procedure to muawwiya authenticity of Hadith. Because I am the student of history and I know what the Amir Muawia did in his 20 years rule. Therefore, there is no charge of revolt against him.


Hazrat Muawiya( R. A) Aur Tarikhi Haqaiq

But the truth is truth. The approach of Tabari was to compile all the narrations whether authentic or not in a chronological order.

You can check by yourselves in the “History of Tabari ” that all reports portraying a sleazy picture of the umawiya are reported by only five persons and all of them are considered as “liars “.

Allah, in the name of, the Most Affectionate, the Eternally Merciful.

Tabari is available tareeihi the following link. I respect the author of this book but it seems like he is just playing with the words.

If you study the history of Tabari for such years, you’ll find people in the Sanad of all negative reports about the companions. Tareekhii, the issue becomes extremely grave. If the matter is not much disturbing, I’ll urge you to leave the matter to Allah. It is very logical. Fareekhi hope this will clarify my position on that. Because in this way you can say that Zia- ul-Haq ruled for 11 years because he was a very patient person.