Read Yajurveda Abasthamba Abara Prayogam book reviews & author details and more at Manthras for apara samskaras and their kriyas. May 21, of gleaned knowledge from Anna’s Sradha Vidhi, Srinivasan’s Pithru Yagnam And Yajurvediya Apasthambha Apara Prayogam by Anna. Jan 19, 2. aashvalaayana puurva-apara-prayogam > 3. aashvalaayana shraaddha prayogam: 2 and 3 are smaarta prayoga texts for > the R^ig vedins.

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This has to be done again apzra the Boktha representing the Pithrus. This compilation gives the rituals that have to be performed on the Sradha day.

This sprinkling is done in the opposite way. Then the feet of Maha Vishnu should prayoga washed. In some houses Dakshina is given after they finish the food. The honoring of Viswedevas as above should be done with Upaveethi and to Pithrus with Pracheenavithi. The Durbha placed apwra the east and west should have tip towards east and those kept on the south and north should have tip towards north. Repeat this with differing mantras till this preliminary Homa is over.

Then we have to offer Namaskarams to all these three two Brahmins after circling them three times. Till the Bhokthas complete their food, we should think about our ancestors and Chant Gayathri.

Pindas are offered to the three generation of Pithrus and not only to the Pithru to whom Sradha is done. It is believed that when our manes reach the land of the manes Pithru Lokaour one year is one day for them. Add akshatha on all the eight sides of the fire, take ghee four times with the small spoon and pour it in the big spoon in the left hand, keep the small spoon down, transfer the big spoon to right hand and do Homa.

அபர ப்ரயோகம் – Apara Prayogam

Also the Pavithra should be made of two Durbha t. After Apagado Abhivadaye, remove the pavithra Note: At the end keep the cup of ghee on the north and do Pranayama. This consists of pouring ghee as well as keeping Samith on the fire by the chant of several mantras. This is started with an Aachamana and requesting the permission of the assembled Brahmins for doing the ritual.

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[Advaita-l] Prayoga texts from the raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa

You have to spread Durbha in the north of the fire and over them upturn all Homa vessels Each of these vessels including spoons of Palasa leaf should be cleaned by the pavithra made of two Durbha grasses. Then we should give Prayoham to Vishnu with pure water.

We have to do the Sankalpa for it and pour Gingelly water in places where Pinda is going to be kept.

aapara Start the Homa adding of ghee with spoon to the fire chanting mantrasAthithenu manya swaha etc n. The following are the common rituals. Here the youngest family member goes first followed by people of the family in the order of their age. We are only attempting to offer food and water to them every day.

அபர ப்ரயோகம் – Apara Prayogam – Sri Vaishnava Sri, Srirangam

Then they would walk over it. First the place where their feet are to be washed has to be worshipped. Spread Durbha grass towards the north of the fire and keep upside down in pairs two cups for ghee, two sacrificial spoons either made of palasa leaf or wood and two cups to store water.

Then keeping the pavithra in the earthe feet of Viswedevas has to be washedwith wife pouring water.

Apara Prayogam (Tamil)

When performs a ritual he has to perform it as done by his paternal ancestors. The elders of the family should tell their young ones as to what is pfayogam family custom. The Boktha representing Pithrus should wash his hand first and do Aachamana.

We should pray to Pithrus that they should get satisfaction by the Pinda offered by us. There is a very peculiar mantra used here viz e matha pralulobha charthyanuvratha, thanme prayoam pitha vrungthaa abhuranyopa padhythaam sarmane swahameaning if my mother has not observed chastity, then let this rice go to my real father. After the Bhokthas finish their mealswe should first ask their pardon for any shortcomings in the meals and then we should request them to bless us so that we get the effect of doing Sradha at Gaya.

Since most of us do not maintain the Oupasana firenow a days normally a Sradha starts with a ritual asking pardon for not doing itwhich is followed by Oupasana. Ramachander I have summarized the rules for performance of Sradha in the section Sradha Vidhi. Then water should be sprinkled pariseshechanam in the anti clock wise direction around the fire.


Till this point you were not doing Sradha but do amend for Oupasana that you ought to have done and then do Oupasana and these do not apada the two Brahmins representing the Pithrus and Viswedevas.

Put Asana seat for the three people to take their food. Anonymous August 16, at 5: Then the feet of the Prqyogam should be washed and the water prxyogam out.

Pour a drop of water in the hands of the Brahmin who has been chosen to represent the Viswe devas, and request him to take his Asana seat by giving him a Dharbha ;rayogam elder priest should be made to represent the Viswe deva. After the Sradha to the parentsnext day early morning, The Paraheni Tharpana addressed to our paternal ancestors is done. People who want a son born to them can give the Pithamaha Pinda to their wife and ask her to eat it.

Melt some ghee in some other fire pour it in the cup meant for ghee, keep the paryogam, put fire on the north side, keep the ghee near it, dip the tip of the Durbha in the gheelight it in fire and after circling aparz fire throw it on the northern side.

Then we have to sit before the leaf of the Brahminfold our left leg and do the necessary rituals inviting him to eat the food like abhihara. Care should be taken that at no point of time the water used for washing the feet of Viswedevas pdayogam pithrus should mix. Some people show camphor and Sambrani to the Brahmins. If he does it wrongly, the sin goes to him and not to us.