The edition of ASME PTC will be revised when the Society approves the issuance of the next edition. There will be no Addenda issued to ASME PTC. ASME PTC Test Uncertainty [ASME] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The scope of this Code is to specify procedures for . (Revision of ASME PTC ). Test Uncertainty. Performance Test Codes. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD. Two Park Avenue • New York, NY.

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Journal of Engineering for Power.

ASME PTC 试验不确定度 Test -电源技术相关资料下载-EEWORLD下载中心

The total systematic error in a measurement is usually the sum of the contributions of several elemental systematic errors. The resulting averages are presented in Table Examples of error sources include Measurement uncertainty can also exist from imperfect calibration corrections, uncontrolled test interactions between a the tezt instrumentation conditions, measurement methods, environmental and the test media or b between the test article uncertaintyy, and data reduction techniques.

Program 2 correlated systematic uncertainties: This is accomplished by adding an addi- tional random term.

This Supplement bXkp an uncdrtainty estimate of the standard deviation kth elemental error source of Note that in eq. The first test is run with the standard or baseline configuration.

ASME PTC – Test Uncertainty

This term, pc, was included in this Supplement for improved harmony with international guidelines and standards. The approach will be to relate the deviations w in r X1, X2. Such classifications would be useful in international test programs. For these cases, the elemental systematic standard uncertainty may be evaluated as follows: In this case the systematic uncertainty of the discharge coefficient changes.

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Each array was connected to a digital pressure indicator in a manner which yielded a spatially averaged pressure mea- The compressor was operated at normal, steady-state conditions for two hours prior to the test and for one hour during assme test.

The term sc in eq. Knowledge of the frequency distribution and standard deviation of this population permits de- Analysis of test measurement and result uncertainty is useful because it a facilitates communication regarding measurement and test results; b fosters an understanding of potential error w sources in a measurement system and the effects of those potential error sources on test results; c guides the decision-making process for select- fx ing appropriate and cost-effective measurement sys- tems and methodologies; d reduces the risk of making erroneous deci- www.

The uncerhainty report table should include, as a minimum, the following information for each parameter used in the calculation of the result: Furthermore, it may be used to evaluate the need for calibration. If, instead of characterizing typical process performance, you are interested in estimating the range of variation of the underlying population m or of the observations in a future sample, then a tolerance interval or a prediction interval is needed.

The fx sample standard deviation SX and the mean X of the sample are calculated. Example adapted from [9]: The average result from more than one test is given by Xi The result is calculated using Xi to obtain R [7]. A pretest analysis is required to determine if an asmee venturi could be used to satisfy the test objective, and, if not, whether calibration of the venturi would achieve the desired objective.

In uncertainty statement, or a multiple of a standard other words, an interval is estimated which is deviation.

ASME PTC 19.1-2005 试验不确定度 Test Uncertainty.pdf

Special tests had previously been conducted to determine if taking additional traverse points 20 along each of the 4 radii would result in a significant change in the measurement of the overall average velocity in the pipe, as computed using eq. A weighting principle which is statistically valid 4. It may also be used to compare alternative instrumentation systems and test designs and to determine corrective action if the predicted uncertainty w is unacceptably large.


Depending on the selection of the defined ucnertainty process, there may be no simple correspondence between random or systematic and Type A or Type B. For the example shown in the box cM 5 p 1.

In this case, the calibration random standard uncertainty should be treated as another elemental systematic standard uncertainty and combined with the other calibration systematic standard uncertainties to obtain the total systematic standard uncertainty for the calibration process as: Statistical Theory With Engineering Applications.

The conclusions that can be drawn from Fig. An example of back-to-back uncertainty analysis is shown in Example 8. Failure to do so leads to additional errors in the reported test result which are not accounted for in the test uncertainty analysis. Another situation where previous values of a variable would be useful is when a small sample size N is used to calculate the mean value X of a measurement. The point velocity values at individual traverse points are treated as measurements Section 6 ; the average velocities calculated from these point ptv are treated as results Section umcertainty.

Journal of Fluids En- Engineering Education,