Autocollimators are optical instruments that measure angular displacements and are used to align optical components Autocollimator Principals of Operation. Due to the collimated beam (infinity adjustment) the measurement results are independent from the distance to the object under test. The operating principle is . Auto-collimator is an optical instrument used for measuring small target crossline is therefore visible through the eyepiece thus operating as.

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These instruments have a resolution of up to 0. This makes them ideal alignment instruments in applications like aligning laser rod ends or checking parallelism among optics.

Micro-Radian designs and manufactures all of its autocollimators and is very capable of making modifications to existing instruments to suit customer requirements. An autocollimator is an optical instrument that is used to measure small angles with very high sensitivity.


Superior intensity of the laser beam makes it ideal for the measurement of angles of very small objects 1 mm in diameter as well as for long measuring ranges that extend to 15 m or more. It is clear wlrking this relationship that the sensitivity of an autocollimator depends on the focal length of the objective lens. Laser autocollimators represent the future of precision angle measurement in the industry.

Principles of Operation The autocollimator projects a beam of collimated light. Figure 1 illustrates the working principle of an autocollimator. Introduction to Angular Measurement Protractor a Angle comparisons of reflecting surfaces Digital Autocollimator A digital autocollimator uses an electronic photo detector to detect the reflected light beam.


They are typically used to align components and measure deflections in optical or mechanical systems. The longer the focal length, the larger the linear displacement for a given tilt of the plane reflector. By using this wokring, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Verification of angular errors of rotary tables, indexing heads, and platforms of machine parts 4.

Autocollimators auticollimator high-precision instruments for measurement of angular reflections. Floating Carriage Micrometer Linear Measurement. This new technology achieves better results in a shorter time and without the need of external targets, enabling various sensors and lasers to have their line of sight perfectly aligned.

Laser Autocollimator and Bore Sighting – Novus Light Today

Verification of right principoe prisms for angular errors. Retrieved from ” https: They are also ideal any time very low noise measurements or very long distance measurements are desired. A special interest is the alignment of two or more line of sights, one from a laser source and the second from one or more cameras with a significant parallax distance between the devices.

An autocollimator is an optical instrument for non-contact measurement of angles. The new RSL safety laser scanner with detailed measurement value Typically, people can resolve from 3 to 5 arc-seconds. Click here for a selection of Micro-Radian analog autocollimators.

This setup allows alignment of lasers to its mechanical axis or external sights without the need of an external target with high accuracy and reliability. Visual autocollimators can also be equipped with an eyepiece reticle for aid in lining up test optics to a master reference.


It is a special form of telescope that is used to measure small angles with a high degree of resolution. The illuminated target reticle slit is prinxiple back in its own plane through the objective lens and reflecting mirror. This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat Worklng bore sighting procedure is performed in two stages. Vernier Calliper Linear Measurement. Optical devices Optical metrology Measuring instruments. Visual Autocollimators Digital Autocollimators Digital autocollimators use an electronic photodetector to detect the reflected beam.

So far the system works well with lasers and sights from UV to communication and eye safe lasers of nm although this technology could be further expended to longer wavelengths. The following are principl of priinciple applications of a digital autocollimator: Visual autocollimators are often used for lining up laser rod ends and checking the face parallelism of optical windows and wedges.

Critical Link, a provider of embedded electronics solutions, A major advantage of this type of collimator is that it uses digital signal processing technology to detect and autocollimmator the reflected beam. A small angular offset between the two can also can be easily achieved. Working principle of an Autocollimator.

This procedure will bring the sight to be perfectly aligned to the laser direction. What is an Autocollimator?