Royal Decree 3,/ Ministerio de Economía. Real Decreto 3,/ de 11 de noviembre por el que se crea el Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos . Decree 3,/, which regulates social welfare in Brazil, defines that the main attributions of Vocational Rehabilitation are (Brasil, BRASIL. Decreto nº. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . DECRETO DE 28 Aug Por medio del cual se modifica el Decreto de.

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In addition, some of them had space for commentary and additional observations. Lastly, 0348 occupational therapist that had been working at the Institute since also gave us an interview, providing a historic survey of Vocational Rehabilitation and of the work of occupational therapists within the INSS and defending the incorporation of occupational therapy into the INSS.

It is somewhat similar to the situation of the insureds, which do baixqr have sufficient conditions to manifest their work potential.

Ciudadela 1 Ley de Decreto de Grupo 2

They are entitled to Vocational Rehabilitation 11 11 The authors chose to use the expression Vocational Rehabilitation with capital letters when referring to the field and to the Program of the INSS, using lowercase for the practice within the field. In this sense, Collective Health is considered a nucleus demarcation of the identity of an area of knowledge and professional practice of the field of Health, which has as some of its main attributions: We would like to thank the occupational therapists that made this study possible by sharing their experiences, opinions and reflections with us.

Moreover, they know that the lack of confidence and the resistance of some insureds regarding their participation in the Program is related to issues that do not pertain to the universe and possibilities of the INSS, as they have little to offer in comparison with their real demands.

A number of factors imply that their performance at the INSS is more negative than positive, which could be related to structural issues of the program.

Decreto 3048 99 PDF

Regarding the future of the program, Based on these reflections and on the work of Vocational Rehabilitation, we aimed at understanding how occupational therapy contributes to the return of individuals to work, within the Program of Vocational Rehabilitation of the INSS.

Vocational Rehabilitation is the field of knowledge production and development of baiixar and actions linked to the processes of returning to work needed by individuals that for many reasons require interventions to restart their professional lives, whether 3084 common work activities – for those, adaptations and adjustments may be made – or through preparation for starting a new job.

This article presents part of these results and discussions with the purpose of analyzing the challenges and possibilities of Vocational Rehabilitation in the INSS, focusing on the practices and concepts of baixa therapists that work in the area. The following topics were discussed: Although they state being partially satisfied with their work within the program, in many aspects the tendency toward not being satisfied is larger, which can be observed by the fact that a significant percentage of the therapists In spite of the origin of occupational therapy being related to the field of Vocational Rehabilitation, there is a lack of studies that link both of them.

The interviewed occupational therapists were selected based on convenience sampling carried out through an analysis of the answers to the questionnaires – especially of the parts in which they could write about the topics. In addition, some statements considered that Vocational Rehabilitation, despite of its limitations and the life conditions of the insureds, which are usually hard, may represent an opportunity to choose a new work path and to even create new relationships with work.

In a certain measure, they have been able to insert other elements in the combined evaluations and decisions regarding the projects elaborated together with the insureds, but most of the times this work is limited and carried out by struggling with the required procedures. These aspects were discussed through a critical perspective that acknowledges the importance and the structural limitations of the program and the desire to transform its structure and the belief in it, aiming at its enhancement and at a larger coordination with different social and governmental sectors related to the social protection of Brazilian workers.


Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. None of them classified it as excellent. Many factors mentioned by them imply that their evaluation of their work within the INSS is more negative than positive, and these factors do not depend on them or their job, being more linked to structural issues of the program.

Some of the interviewees were decreho with this possibility, others were not completely accepting of such a law, for companies should be socially responsible for the lower work capacity of their employees, which is mostly due to the work activities they performed.

When discussing the lacking structure of work on a global scale, the author affirms that the Brazilian circumstances are ddcreto, and that during the s the industrial and service sectors went through a significant productive restructuring owing to the new international work division, which required changes in production organization and in its processes of territorial redistribution.

Thus, in a total of civil servants were admitted to work as Social Security Analysts with a degree in Occupational Therapy, starting the process of recreating these staffs 19 19 See: The main topics discussed were: The Institute is obliged to train the insureds for the labor market, and the insureds are obliged to participate in the Vocational Rehabilitation.

Decreto 99 PDF download

We attended only the beneficiaries part of the Vocational Rehabilitation Program which were sent by the 19 Groups of Medical Experts. The relationships that individuals create with and in their work are fundamental elements for the constitution of their character, since they enable the experience of belonging and setting long-term goals for their lives Sennett, SENNETT, R.

Nonetheless, we propose the challenge of defending the right to work with dignity, within the context of Vocational Rehabilitation in the INSS, in which returning to companies with employment relationships is the priority since it is the most effective way to exercise this right.

It is necessary to reformulate the laws on Vocational Rehabilitation and the social protection of workers to go beyond ensuring a few rights which are limited to a year of job security in cases of work accidents or vocational diseases and mechanisms that compensate the insertion such as the Quota Law. As a result, the field of Worker’s Health was constituted posteriorly to Vocational Rehabilitation and assumed a critical position due to the concepts and attention given to Brazilian workers at the time end of the sespecially in the health sector.

The relevance attributed to the relationship created with the insureds during the entire process is observed from the initial evaluation to the moment they are disconnected from the program, which allows the therapists to take into account the issues they consider most relevant, in spite of the inflexibility of the procedures.

Ciudadela 2015 1 Ley 1314 de 2009 Decreto 3048 de 2011 Grupo 2

The Brazilian inefficiency for handling work accidents and occupational diseases changes constantly and becomes more serious owing to the measures of the INSS aimed at restricting the duration of income support programs for disabled workers without offering them the possibility to overcome their disadvantages through vocational rehabilitation programs Takahashi; Iguti, TAKAHASHI, M. We highlight that the occupational therapists listed some characteristics the insureds should have, or the need to prepare them for acquiring them, in order that their return to work is effective.

SP – Brazil E-mail: Acknowledgements We would like to thank the occupational therapists that made this study possible by sharing their experiences, opinions and reflections with us. Authors’ contribution Bregalda, under the guidance of Lopes, conducted the research that led to this text; both of them contributed to its conception, writing and review.


Moreover, its nature was descriptive and comprehensive as it aimed at explaining the characteristics of a specific phenomenon beyond the study of the relationships among the variables, including other ways to understand it Gil, GIL, A.

Their services are often restricted to death counting and “posthumous” surveillance of the worker’s health, and it is difficult to implement health promotion and surveillance as defined by the National Worker’s Health Policy Carvalho et al.

Hence, it is a possibility for insureds to return to the labor market without any employment relationship, or to stay at the companies in which they have this relationship. We will present data referring to the questionnaires, providing a general overview of the topics studied by the research and especially those that resulted from the in-depth interviews, owing to relevant markers found on the reports of the interviews therapists. During the interviews, we realized that this opinion is related to the fact that the processes of returning and staying at the job require not only improving the structure of the program, but an urgent coordination with other governmental sectors that should share this responsibility, such as the Ministries of Labor and Employment, Education and Health, to build a set of actions that revolve around attention and care with the worker’s health, better educational conditions, encompassing vocational education as well, and more and better opportunities for a new insertion in the labor market.

Moreover, an interview script was elaborated to provide more details on these topics 16 16 The script was constituted of the following topics: Obviously, the importance of the Vocational Rehabilitation program does not decrease in these circumstances, for it opens opportunities – even if in a limited way – for individuals to work in different activities, considering their needs after the transformations they went through.

The proposition and creation of the Worker’s Health Reference Centers CEREST do not ensure its effectiveness and its potential for health promotion due to bureaucracy and slowness of the health sector. Part of the interviewees said their work is important to transform the work view of the insureds.

The contents that resulted from this categorization and systematization were studied and discussed using the theoretical references that guided the research, and they were also linked to the findings obtained from the application of the questionnaire. The last two questions were open-ended and allowed participants to discuss more freely the Vocational Rehabilitation of the INSS and occupational therapy in the area.

Nevertheless, they believe in enhancing this structure and single out the need to increase the possibilities it offers for a larger participation and responsibility of companies, creating a combined effort with other governmental sectors and the civil society, in addition to expanding and reformulating the legislation on vocational rehabilitation in Brazil. Data were collected through a questionnaire sent to occupational therapists, xecreto well as through interviews with some of them.

The occupational therapists knew that many events were related to the process of preparing the insureds to start a different work from what they were used to, and they were capable of identifying most of them. As the selected interview was very comprehensive, new categories were identified only in the reading of the second interview. From the 37 therapists which decided to do so, five said they did not believe in the program and 32, i.

Their largest concern is not related to working, but to not naixar any work. Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social.