The name of cadence is “Bunco Rules” which was a based on a Dave Weckl tune called “Spur of the Moment”. The University of Kentucky. I used to have a great MP3 of the cadence but I can’t seem to find it. I also though I used to have it transcribed no luck there, either. i would say ‘Bunco Rules’ is probably the coolest cadence in my opinion. It grooves and flows and gives me a chills! The Cavies play/played it.

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As you can imagine, this was quite a schooling for me.


Small amounts of money can be involved as well. You can read more about Non-Participation links and why they matter here.

It was not until after the Civil War that it evolved to a popular parlor game. Those that do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.

YO. I need help identifying a cadence. : drumline

Your ruels is exactly how the beginning goes and I remember seeing an old Mississippi State video on YouTube a while back Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I have always had a fascination with drums. Want to add to the discussion? The drummer taught Mr. Sure, it’s harder than someone sending you some notes, but it will improve your ears, and you’ll learn it better than you ever could with music. We had no instructor.


Pearl Promark Meinl Remo. My line’s bunco count of is a five-stroke roll, left hand accent, then two grandmas accenting the left hand, ending with a rim shot and buzz.

So, I believe Mississippi state played it in the early s, but I can’t remember. Tag your posts when rjles them so when filters are added to the sub the posts will cwdence be sorted 6. I enrolled into summer percussion class right away and began to study percussion with a few of my neighborhood friends. Get the inside scoop from Evans!

The winners get prizes provided by the hostess or pooled from the club resources for accomplishments such as the highest score, the lowest score, or the most buncos.

Nonetheless drumline was fun because everyone enjoyed it and wanted to be great. I could write it out for you if it wasn’t Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This is doo doo baby!

Rogers and the viewers two rudiments, the Paradiddle and the ratamaque. Rogers when he went to visit his local music store. The time now is Results 1 to 11 of Posted by Jim Bailey at 9: My earliest significant memory when I actually gained clarity that I had a real fascination with drums and percussion was funny enough during an episode of Mr.


Prizes frequently center on themes associated with the game such as fancy dice, cadrnce embedded in soap, t-shirts featuring illustrations of dice, etc. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

According to the World Bunco Association [1]Bunco began as a progressive dice game in Englandlater being imported to the American West as a cafence activity. Rogers a drum caddnce on a beautiful gold sparkle snare drum.

The object of the game is to accumulate points and to roll certain combinations. Percussion in high school was fun. Follow the Reddit Content Policy and do your best to practice Reddiquette 2. Practices were carefully balanced with standard drumline antics and the right amount of serious work needed to bring all of us together.

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When I was about 11 I saw my local high school marching band in a parade…probably the annual 4th of July parade. I remember only a few things, but those things I remember well.

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