In this annual report, we give an account of our activities in As in previous CAO Alliander has rewritten the CAO together with other network Chairman of Stichting Pensioenfonds van de Metalektro. (PME). cao metalektro pdf Quote. Postby JustĀ» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for cao metalektro pdf Will be grateful for any help! Top. Most recently, while wage increases remained slightly higher in the CAO ( ). Collective bargaining in the Dutch metal and electrical. engineering industry. .. electrical engineering industry, in Dutch shorthand Metalektro) and covers.

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Use fixed-term, part-time contracts, agency workers, foreign labour 15 3. Table 7 shows the course of developments.

In the first two decades, the CAO was undoubtedly wage leader in Dutch industrial relations, maintaining at least for a while old attainments while at the same time introducing new elements Van Doorn et al, ; Hueting et al, Selection Netherlands, metal industry, observations with valid wage data and valid coverage data only. Tijdens Wat kost kinderopvang?

CAO ziekenhuizen – ; Onderstaand vindt u alle informatie over de CAO ziekenhuizen, bijvoorbeeld de volledige tekst van de CAO, actuele berichten, salarisverhogingen tijdens de looptijd van de CAO, premie-overzichten en links naar relevante websites.

Table 12 next page gives the overview.

Over the four years, these female shares remained stable, with only a small increase in the manufacturing of other electrical machinery. Inthe social partners made the division between the two CAOs definitive. A decade earlier, inan industry foundation for employment protection and creation was introduced in the CAO.

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Inthe social partners started a discussion about opening the ar- rangements for male workers too Van den Brekel and Tijdens, As the government had already an- nounced to end the part-time unemployment scheme, ther text states that the CAO parties will extend and expand this project.

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Looptijd FNV Metaal stelt wijzigingen voor in een cao met een looptijd van 12 maanden, dus tot 0212 annualisation of hours was likely a last major exception, though this issue was initiated by the employers. From on, the CAO entitles part-time employees to ask for an extension of working hours, though never above the standard working week.

Long-term wage trends in the metal industry 21 4. A labour pool was created, partly owned by the Stork Group, by the time a 22,workers-strong diversified metal company, and partly by the Start temporary work agency.

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Formally, there has become more leeway for companies to follow own policies in this respect, but in the last few years working time issues do not seem to have been prominent on the bargaining agenda, other than in linked up with the governmental part-time unemployment scheme.

The table reveals that employment between and dropped in nearly all industries under study, apart from 31 – Manufacturing of other electrical machinery.

In the social partners agreed on a temporary arrangement concerning stimulating training and apprentice workplaces during and Assessment and procedures In the CAO, the parties have agreed upon the installation of a working group as to study the ac- cessibility of the CAO texts and the possibilities of simplifying them.

We earlier noted that, comparing the available official figures, it was not possible to calculate with some exactitude the collective bargaining coverage.

Therefore we call on workers at ASML to strike metalfktro 24 hours from.

The data are not weighted across industries. The so-called A clauses only allow derogations that are positive for employees, whereas the so-called B clauses also allow negative derogations and are freely negotiable at lower levels. Crisis-induced measures to ensure business survival Jointly with the construction and the chemical industries, the metal industry in and the first half of was a major user of the governmental part-time unemployment scheme aimed at supporting compa- nies to retain employees throughout the economic crisis in the Netherlands, rather similar to the Kurzarbeit scheme in Germany Bispinck et al, ; Tijdens et al, The pool initially covered 3, Stork employees in one region, later adding 3, in another region.


Inkomen Het gaat goed met de bedrijven in de Metalektro. Note that this paper explicitly and solely focuses on the Dutch metal and electrotechnical industry.

Inemployment grew, followed by a decrease in and a dramatic fall of 20, in In the CAO they only agreed to continue the activities of the working group of CAO partners with regard to Life-course approaches. CAO ziekenhuizen metalektrp – www. That experience was by and large positive, especially as the employer delegation metalejtro came to recognize, metalrktro and even use union experience concerning such issues.

This development can be regarded as the main form of decentralisation of collective bargaining in the industry. Help Center Find new research papers in: Yet, an apprenticeship employment agreement as agreed in to be offered for an indefinite period to apprentice-employees that successfully completed their training was judged counter-productive in by the social partners, and therefore not prolonged.

Table 22 provides a breakdown of these perception figures by wage decile. The CAO states that all employees, regardless their job level, can ask for shorter working hours and that there is no minimum with regard to the number of hours worked. Who could help me?