Discusses the assassination of three Salvadoran PARLACEN representatives in Guatemala, Eduardo D’Aubuisson, William Pichinte and José Ramón González. Read Crimen de Estado / State Crime: El caso Parlacen / The Parlacen Case book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified . 1 Crimen de Estado / State Crime: El Caso Parlacen / the Parlacen Case PDF == >Download: Crimen de Estado / State Crime: El Caso Parlacen / the Parlacen.

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Crimen de Estado / State Crime : Lafitte Fernandez :

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Informes de Derechos Humanos?

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Crimen de estado: el caso PARLACEN – Lafitte Fernández – Google Books

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Crimen de Estado / State Crime: El Caso Parlacen / the Parlacen Case PDF

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