: De Septem Secundeis (): John Tritemius, William Lilly: Books. Quellen der Esoterik von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. De septem secundeis, id est, intelligentiis, sive spiritibus orbes post Deum moventibus libellus. Front Cover. Johannes Trithemius.

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An admirable pilgrimage of children came to Saint Michel. In secundeia about these sepfem other joviall men did excell; men most wise, and women also, who by their own understanding delivered many profitable inventions to mankinde; who being dead, for the greatness of their wisdom, were reputed as Gods: The people also of Germany called the Theutinesinvaded the Romans and after many fights are overcome and one hundred and threescore thousand of them slain, besides innumerable others of them, who slew themselves and familiars under Cajus and Mantius the Consuls: Meanwhile, a host of calamities assailed them.

de Septem Secundeis : Seven Secondary Causes

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Thus humanity dispersed over the earth and human beings began energetically to work the soil and cultivate fields, to sow wheat and plant vines, to prune fruit trees and busy themselves with all that concerned food and clothing.

Hungarorum conuersio ad fidem Christ: Anno enim Christianorumcruces in uestimentis dee uisae ante decennium quod praeteriit suum ostendent effectum, sed 13 ab hinc Iure citatus locum dabis nescienti, maior post fata resurges mihi in tertio nisi licet nebula tegas. Many new Kingdoms were newly erected, or now had their first beginning, as that of the Lacedemonians, Corinthians, Hebrews, and divers more.

De Septem Secundeis, by Johannes Trithemius

Samael the Angel of Mars in order, the nineteenth time came to accept the Gubernation of the universall world, it being now his third returne, and this he did the third day of March, Anno Mundi Iustinianus the Emperour first of all about these times beautified the Common-wealth very deservedly with his Lawes. New kingdoms, too, arose, such as that of Lacedemon, Corinth, Jerusalem. Inthe th year of Gabriel’s reign, the foundations of Rome were laid.

After Michael, Oriphiel, the Spirit of Saturn, took up the government of the world for the third time and the fifteenth period on the last day of September in the year from the beginning of the world. Annointrauit Geldriam, eamque potenter obtinuit, similiter et decatum Lotharingiae totum.


For human manners change with the times and things below correspond with things above, and receive their influence. The Order of Mendicants was founded during this epoch, in the fortieth year or so of Samael, which shows that all things are providential.

In the year of the World Moruntia is taken and spoiled being the Metropolis of the Franconians or Francks in Germany.

Ex Alemania pueri plusquama pyratis merguntur in mari, qui uano spiritu seducti, se terram sanctam recuperaturos dicebant. Again in order the twelfth time Samuel the Angel of Mars, began to exercise his Dominion upon the world, the second day of the moneth of October, in the year of the world The name Oriphiel was given to him on account of his spiritual office, not his nature.

In the year of the worldthe st year of Rome’s foundation, the 42nd year of Octavius Caesar Augustus, years into the reign of Oriphiel, the Spirit of Saturn, the eighth month, on December 25, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born of the Virgin Mary, in Bethlehem, in Judea.

The first Emperor was Otto I, who undertook to reconstruct the monarchy. Albertus being slain by his Nephew; Henry is constituted the eighth Emperour, being Count of Luxenburg, who reigned 5 years; he being dead Lodowick the fourth of Bavaria reigned 32 years, beginning in ve year From this moment on, philosophers and poets began to be held in high esteem. He first found out the use of the Ring, Scepter, Diadem, and all kingly ornaments. Fames, pestilentiae et terraemotus imperio fuerunt.

Septtem do not guarantee the things I have written, most wise Caesar, but one can reasonably believe in them without damage to one’s faith.

To this Position, many, and they seundeis learned men, have afforded their consent; which opinion of theirs my self not affirming, but delivering, do make manifest to your most sacred Majesty.

In Saxony, a certain village with all its buildings, and inhabitants was in a moment swept away by an horrible gaping or opening of the earth. After that Orifiel had finished his government, Anael the Angell of Venus, the sixteenth in order, the third time reassumed his Regiment of the World: Cosdrai Persarum rex Hierusalem coepit, quem Eracleus postea occidit.


Septen Asia and Palaestina wars followed, Pestilences and Famine in those places where the Crosses appeared.

: De Septem Secundeis (englisch)

This would soon completely supplant the Roman Empire in Asia. A Comet of unwonted and unusuall greatness did precede the death of Constantine.

In the twelfth epoch, Samael, Angel of Secundeeis, became the world’s ruler for a second time. Its remarkable, that by little and little Christianity about these times began to fail in Asia and Affrickupon entrance of the Sect of the Sarasins therein, which now had almost poysoned the whole world. Don’t have a Kindle?

Sundry lawes are imposed on men, the worship of the true God is neglected, and the Religion of false Gods too much propagated: Toward the end of this Angels Government, in the time of Iulianus Caesar, Crosses appeared in lines, and Crosses in the garments of men.

Men did now devise curious and secundwis Ornaments, for better trimming, and adorning their bodies: Lycurgus gave the Spartans a code and laws. Under the regulation of this Angel, the Nations were multiplied, and the earth was divided into Regions; many Kingdoms instituted; the Towel of Babel was built, the confusion of Tongues then fell out, men were dispersed into every part of the earth, and men began to Till, re Manure the earth more acurately, to ordain Fields, sow Corn, plant Decundeis, to dig up Trees, and to provide with greater diligence, what ever was more convenient for their food, and rainment.

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