Hadhrat Sayyiduna ‘Ukasha (radi Allahu ‘anhu) belonged to the tribe of Baddu in Arab community and was in the Khidmat of. Dua e Jameela Akasha. Uploaded by xshahidx. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem It is stated, one day while the Prophet Salla Allahu Alai WaSallam was sitting in. Dua e akasha is a beautiful way of asking forgiveness from Almighty dua contains beautiful verses. Download it and read when ever you are free.

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What is Your Favorite Dua? |

September 17, at When you create an account, we remember exactly what you’ve read, so you always come right back where you left off. And We did not send you O dear Prophet Mohammed — peace and blessings be upon him except as a mercy for the entire worlds. And from the mischief of the envious one as he practises envy.

So the people started talking about the issue and said, “It is we who have believed in Allah and followed His Apostle; therefore those people are either ourselves or our children who are born m the Islamic era, for we were born in the Pre-lslamic Period of Ignorance.

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From the mischief of created things; 3. Notify me of new posts via email. From the mischief of Darkness as it overspreads; 4. By the way, you can find most duas on http: Inner etiquette The inner etiquettes are the essence of supplication.


Supplicating for Death in Madina & Burial in Baqi

Always cite reference of hadith. Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: Leave this field empty.

And, Meher-e-Nubuwwat was in the form shape of half White Egg and around which, there were small sacred hairs. The area, which was known for its many boxthorn trees, was cleared and thereafter the area became the graveyard of Madinah.

September 18, at Starting and finishing One should not ask immediately but should begin the supplication with remembrance and praise al-hamd of Allah and also sending of salutations upon the Messenger, upon him be peace.

Let not our hearts deviate from the truth after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Ramadan is the best month of the year. September 18, at 4: September 18, at 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The ant and carpet. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Translation of Dua-E-Ukasha

After that I shall wait for the people of Makkah so as to be gathered among the inhabitants of the two sacred cities. The most special situation is in prostration. Ukxsha a safe haven for the Dau from persecution in Makkah, the Prophet Allah bless him and grant him peace and the Makkan believers were ordered to migrate to Madinah to preserve their religion.


October 29, at 1: I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: A prophet would pass by accompanied by nobody. Before Islam, the residents of Yathrib eua to bury their dead in various places around Madinah. August 6, at 2: Here is one of duas u can read: The closest the slave gets to his Lord is when he is in prostration and so supplicate a great deal Muslim on the authority of Anas. Humility Allah — Exalted be He — said: Dus ask You for the Best affair, the Best supplication, the best success, the best Knowledge, the best deed, the best reward, the best life, and the best death.

Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Nations were displayed before me; one or two prophets would pass by along with a few followers. A Muslim’s Book Shelf encouraging life long reading and continuous spiritual progress, inshaAllah