Eje renina angiotensina aldosterona. DEFINICIÓN Regula la presión arterial, tono vascular, la volemia y facilita la tránsimisión simpática. Objetivos de la clase: Reconocer todos los componentes implicados el eje Renina-Angiotensina. Diferenciar los estimulos activadores del eje. Download as DOCX, PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Save. Eje Renina Angiotensina Aldosterona. For Later. save. Related. Info.

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In order to establish the medical effectiveness of determining the plasmatic renin activity PRA and the aldosterone, the article focuses on the diagnosis of angioteensina secondary hypertensions vascularrenal hypertension, renin releasing tumours, hypermineralcorticisms and certain infrequent hereditary tubular pathologieson the analysis of the alterations of potassium metabolism hypo- and hyperpotassaemiaand on the prognostic and therapeutic evaluation of certain oedematous states cirrhosis of the liver and nephritic syndrome.

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Eje renina angiotensina aldosterona pdf free

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