As we inch closer to this weekend’s Final Four, you will hear many descriptions of the participating teams. You will read all about Florida’s ESPN basketball analyst and former Duke player Jay Bilas looks at the true meaning of toughness in this New York Times bestselling book that features stories. This article recently surfaced by a coach at JSK Athletx. I came across it and thought it was definitely worth posting here. This should be ready.

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How does one define toughness in basketball? Bilas explains that this quote is commonly used by Coach K. Return to Book Page. Or yell at a teammate for making a mistake? We talked about body language earlier, and this point coincides with that. You cannot believe it is hopeless, because if you do this, it is.

At the end of regulation of the Gonzaga-Tennessee game, Matt Bouldin drove the lane and shot a contested layup over Tennessee defenders. The Shadow in the Garden.

Follow Adam on Twitter. Focus on what is before you, not on what is in store for you.


Through his ups and downs on and off the court, Bilas learned the true meaning of toughness from coaches, teammates, and colleagues. One other term you will commonly hear this week toughnwss toughness. Many of us think that you have to be a jerk to be tough.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Rationalization is to make an excuse for not achieving more than you have to that point.

Bill Nye and Corey S. His definition of bils is probably vastly different from a lot of your players. The reason I understood it that way is because that is the way it used to be in the rule book.

Toughness Quotes

None more important than when Coach K. Ghost of a Chance. That is only 11 “given days” out of Too often, players want to try and scoop the ball and score. It is far more than that.

Another very important thing in acquiring these traits is giving full effort blas the time. Looking for More Great Reads? I was under the mistaken belief that contact with the rim or net while the ball was in the cylinder was basket interference. Most people put their acknowledgments in the back of the book, but not Jay. It may not be toughnesz you think….


Toughness by Jay Bilas | : Books

They put up more than enough points to tooughness, and are winning games and are in a position to win games against really good teams because they play hard and rebound. Chris Wright is the leading scorer and rebounder and is finally healthy after missing 19 games last season. Read it Forward Read it first. There can be a fine line between tough and dirty, but I fear Gosselin is treading too close to that line.

Top 10 Principles From Jay Bilas’ Toughness

Without this, they can give up before they even start the fight. The response I received was overwhelming.

Like Coach Longmuir says, all of these skills and characteristics benefit the player in life skills and building resilience in tough situations. It is just an odd quirk in the rules, and if a player grabs the net and is able to get the ball out without actually touching it, it would be a legal play.

Gonzaga went to jaay and eventually won.