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I never checked the specs on the until about a week ago and was According to JBL, the horns were mostly used as high mids for. JBL +. JBL , Tweeter/ Compression Driver from JBL. Write a user review ยท Product presentation. User reviews. Price engine. Classified Ads. I read a lot about JBL but nothing about the little brother. I sourced a very good pair for a reasonnable price. Any opinion welcome.

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Hadnt thought about making the s into beer cans, but now that you mention it, if I dont end up using the s and no one wants to 24461 em, these things will be worth a tidy sum at the scrap yard. I have more headroom in my bass cabinets, so this lets me push the midrange drivers harder in their band.

In this scenario the mentioned will play great throughout the range and will not sound honky at all even in a conventional box. Results 1 to 11 of JBL Pro for home use!

It looks like these were a knockoff of the JBL L, with a different mid-horn lens: I’d like to think I’m getting better performance from the horns with the diaphrams, but maybe not.

JBL Drivers & JBL Crossovers – Horns | Electronics | Ottawa | Kijiji

That spec sheet is partly what got me concerned in the first place, because the HF response on the seems to roll off a lot faster than the My ‘s sound sweet with Aluminium diaphragms.

I havent tweaked the crossover points in a long time, but my recollection is that 2. Better or worse than the ?

Others will tell you more re the polar charactristics of that hornit will tend to beam somewhat at higher frequencies and some of the more modern hbl will do a better job. I’m not sure JBL made a cab spec’ed with these exact components, or if they did, I can’t find it.

Since I dont really need the long throw so much anymore, I’m hoping that putting them in sealed front loaded boxes will get rid of the honk up front. Hello – I have jhl question about extending the upper range of some drivers.

I do have a pair of horns that I had purchased with drivers to use over a pair of ‘s in reflex boxes. Some damping material in the cavity above and below jl front lip is the cure.

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Register a new account. With drivers on them I always found myself giving them eq very similar to jbll CD horn in order for them to sound nice. Years since I had my mitts on any mind you. If I don’t allow international shipping, do I still win the bet? It makes sense that they could have been modeled after Studio Monitors, and massive ones at that.

These were originally installed as a center cluster in a roller arena here around or so. I’ll look into listing the whole package jbo eBay after I get a sense of what my shipping expense might be.

Just need a slot above 10K to fill in the top. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Look to a separate driver, or find BE phragms or even Al if you want to squeeze more than 10k out. I’f I’m by myself or just jbll few friends over, ambient room noise is much less, volume is down and having the drivers front loaded should sound a lot better now off to play with my crossover I searched through all the comments I could find on this site about the and it seems like the majority of folks think the was a bit of a dog, although there are some nice wood horns that have copied the shape.

From a volunteer fireman’s perspective, outdoors is always the preferred method for burning cabinets. The is a very good horn for home use. Thats why the low-mid is set a little high. At the time, the consensus seemed to be that factory sounded better, whether or not 24661 was worth the 3x premium was subjective.

Vintage JBL drivers – worth anything?

Used jbl for Sale |

jgl I havent been able to find any plots of the horns with a full range driver. These are definitely near-field hbl. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. My Rane does have EQ setting for CD horns, but I’d have to pull it and open the case to change it, which would be a PIA, so hopefully its not really necessary for the s.

Hi Hey there Kevin and welcome to the LH forum. The time jbll is Now I’m half tempted to rebuild these components into modern, side-firing towers for my brother.

This is tweeter territory. In all probability your mid box could use some taming if the system is a bit shouty so you are on the right tack.


JBL D16R2470 Diaphragm 2461, 2470

I now own 2 of the bins, which I reloaded with E and horns, with the drivers. The weak link in the system sound fidelity has always been my mid packs – horn loaded PAS 10’s – which are good for filling up a big room, but sound kinda honky up close – so I’m getting ready to build some new mid-high cabinets with two front loaded 10’s on each side.

I might even angle the bottom drivers into the room a little bit to improve the sound near the stage. The highs sound OK to me – 24461 for all these years I’ve been blaming all the sound coloration that I hear on my mid packs and its certainly possible that the high packs are contributing as well. I have 4 of the drivers.

Still like the too, it can take a pounding all night long, even surviving a dropped mic that slammed it into the phase plug once or twice, something that would have cracked a diaphragm. Also I havent been able to find any info on what is the natural roll off for the horns.

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Login or Sign Up. I may be able to get a ballpark idea with a sign wave generator and my outboard RTA. That would make the system harder to move, but I try to avoid that as much as possible ubl days anyway. However, its only in the past jb or so that I realized that for all these years I’ve been running the ‘s a lot higher then they were originally intended, and I’d hate to build a new set of cabs, only to move the weak spot from the mids to the highs – so I’m hoping that there is someone on this forum who has used s with newer diaphrams and can confirm that this will work or not One advantage to going with a horn like the is that its physically not as jnl as the ‘s – so I could make the mid-high boxes a little narrower.