Welcome to the ** Kline-Fogleman (KFm) Airfoils – Advanced Theory/Science ** discussion thread. The purpose of this thread is to try and. The simplicity and performance of the KF airfoil have made it popular in the Maker Trainer 2 and uses the KFm-2 (Kline-Fogelman model 2) airfoil design (a. The idea works but only with active automated re-configuration of the shape of the step(s) during flight. Further testing has shown that this airfoil.

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They create the opportunity for wide variety of experimentation. Nice build and maiden flight!!! I also noted the flight charateristics being very docile and it had a tendency to want to fly upright. Should we call an airfoil section consisting of two triangles the Carmel Pule” airfoil? In the s, with 20 years of technical progress opening up new possibilities and with the kmf patents expiredresearchers returned to the topic of stepped wings.

This is only day one.

Marty I’m sure this didn’t answer all your questions, probably none. Aug 23, The KFm airfoil would have to reach an AoA degrees greater to place its upper rear section at the same AoA as a conventional airfoil.

Kline–Fogleman airfoil

The UC wing uses 2 lengths airfiol strapping tape on the bottom to help strength, the KFm-3 wing has no tape, or other reinforcements. This occurred back in August of It has been reported that the handling of the aircraft doesn’t seem to notice additional weight. Hopalong X Geaux Saints. Again made from roughly 5.

And if you can’t This flying aitfoil originally designed by ProjectFlightDesign has a deep KFm-2 step that produces too much lift and makes the wing climb with excessive power.


I’d love to see something like that done again today but with wind tunnel data lift, drag, etc. And it requires no dihedral for stability.

And that point would be at the first step. A typical plan is shown below. It would be aifroil fantastic if someone with access to a wind tunnel, or a computer with fluid dynamics software, would offer to help us in our search, but I expect we will end up doing what we have always done: And trying to follow the details of any one comparison? A normal airfoil produces friction over aiffoil entire surface.

Aug 24, Remember Me Forgot Password? They are small but help to prevent the spill off of air running from the the center of the plane to the wing tips. Of course the FT update is much better than I did and I will be building one this week although I’m still going to make some other “tweaks”.

Because of a better center of gravity, it will be able to carry more weight, either extra cameras or extra batteries for longer flights. All airfoils have their positives and their negatives, because each one is designed to do a specific job.

KFm-6 Flying Wing | Flite Test

You have been, like the rest of us, too busy having fun to be bothered! To give a quick background of the KFm airfoils: I tested this in the late 40’s and early 50’s. On a glide the problem shows as a loss of lift as the ailerons are moved. The KF wings are easy to build and inexpensive to make.

Richard Kline To the RC community: One of the biggest issues was that the diagramed airfoil design did not accurately resemble the actual wing profile. I think the step is important as it creates the lift but not in terms of the size of the step but more as the angle between the step and the LE.


Apply throttle and it will begin to climb again. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

The KFm-4 airfoil was easy enough to make by measuring the existing wing cord from the center edge and the wingend edge, then halfing both measurments and connecting the dots across the wing to have a line measuring the center of the wing cord. And, the KF airfoil can also handle a shifting CG and still give you good control authority.

KFm-4 airfoil for speed and stability

MesarcFoamfighters uses a variety of techniques from score cutting foam boards for exact folds to glue joints that provide excellent structural strength. They still didn’t have high tech scientific measurements to prove that it could fly This only spans a small portion of the wing but provides more than enough strength for this airframe.

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. I’m probably full of it but after two weeks of pondering this, that’s airrfoil I came up with. Lots of data all in one place. Roger, Glad to see that you got this thread started so we can all discuss the KFm airfoils in a little more deatil without disrupting the airfoiil thread.

The build was simple enough with the exception of adding a few reinforcements on areas that get worked like the battery door and belly pan, kdm it is a belly lander.