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This journal is also in process of modifica- However, it is actively involved in the matter and tion and overhaul.

Country Summary for ARGENTINA

Paleontology in Argentina has a long history. Media, Science, and Paleontology Editorial: Los primeros hallazgos de plantas Therefore, information on specific specimens is difficult to obtain without a direct inquiry to the curators. Protection of the archaeological and paleontological heritage.

Also, a postgraduate degree with a tuition fee has been created this year in the Austral University of Chile Universidad Austral de ChileUAChoffering a two-year program for a limited number of students, who must be graduates in biology, geology or archaeology Moreno, personal commun.

Some setbacks that were identified are: Of these, 15 projects were given to young CONICET, an independent organization under researchers beginning their line of investigation; the jurisdiction of the MINCyT, is the main institu- two went to recently formed research groups and tion that promotes science and technology in the nine to stable, pre-established research groups country P.

In spite of this, some Argentinian place in San Luis province. Revista de la Asocia- Jozami, K. UNLP offered a biology degree with orientation to paleontology. In the tific and technological activities within the country s and s the number of studies increased through research grants and fellowships; 2 the notably, including 257743 results of several expeditions organization and funding of institutes, laboratories to Argentina by European and American scientists and research centers; 3 the promotion of interna- e.


Enrollment in the Paleontology Degree in gists are needed for different kinds of private and the University of Buenos Aires in the period It would be desirable to extend this subject, and the paleontological concepts, in particular, on a national level.

The La Plata Museum stands out. It also decreed it was compulsory to report any finding of remains or sites to the authorities, either by particulars in private or public lands, or during private or public construction works.

Comment: Paleontology in Argentina

For trans- the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos fers outside the country, the permission must be Aires are: Many of the initial difficulties have been removed while a few others are being worked on, but overall the career has had a successful start 25473 will likely continue to improve. Europe, which suffered damage or went missing, Other institutions which house public fossil for instance, during the Second World War. Red List of Argentine Archaeological and Paleobotany: ORG on local invertebrate fossils Riccardi, Beatriz Aguirre- thus desirable that the profession became more Urreta.

Ruta de los dinosaurios. The teaching job system differs across universities, but in many faculties of the UBA and in other universities as well, all teaching positions are assigned through open selection. Benefits of Fossil Sales Commentary: The aforementioned steps and requirements are intended as measures to prevent the illegal exploitation and trafficking of paleontological and archaeological sites and remains, respectively.

No formal degree in paleontology existed until it was created a few years ago in the UBA. To leyy end, in change cannot be determined. However, a new paleontologists are needed; these new degrees degree has been created in Mexico, in the Human- and specializations will hopefully give more ist University of the Americas Universidad Human- impulse to the discipline in Latin America. In comparison to previous decades, science in Argentina is going through a springtime period.


They include specific laws as well as regu- lishing regional jurisdiction over the paleontological lations in the Argentinian Constitution and Civil and archaeological heritage Endere,; Code. Founded init has been opened to the public since Particularly, the Paleovertebrates col- maintained and curated in foreign leu. In all cases, their restitution to their place of origin must be guaranteed. The most stable and the commonest employment for paleontologists in Argentina is academic research, or research plus teaching.

Many of the materials collected in this period remain in foreign institutions such as the Natural History Museum, London. Grants and employment The most stable and the commonest employment for paleontologists in Argentina is academic research, or research plus teaching.

It absence of direct contact between the exhibits and would be desirable to extend this subject, and the the scientists at 27543 museums is noticeable paleontological concepts, in particular, on a Ametrano et al. Ely concepts were incorporated as part of biological subjects leu education programs for elementary school ages and high school ages in lejrespectively. Many of these of the 2543 century.