Fig. 8/1 SIPROTEC 4. 7UT6 differential protection relay for transformers, generators, motors and busbars. 7UT/ 7UT 7UT LS. P. a The numerical protection relays 7UT6 are primarily applied transformers. 7UT 2 windings. 7UT/ 2 up to 3 windings. 7UT 2 up to 5 windings. Manual This manual is valid for SIPROTEC ® 7UT differential protection; firmware bar protection for up to seven feeders with one single 7UT relay.

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Tools Digital Grid Digital Grid. Voltage and Frequency Protection go. Products for Substation Automation go. The protection relay can be parameterized for use with three-phase and single-phase transformers. relxy

Description Functions Downloads Configurator. Overcurrent and Feeder Protection go. Control Center Solutions go.

Capacitor Bank Protection go. High Impedance Protection go. Line Differential Protection go.


Motor and Generator Protection go. The relays provide easy-to-use local control and automation functions. Transient Ground Fault Function go.

SIPROTEC 7UT – Digital Grid – Siemens

Software for Protection go. Products for Power Quality and Measurement go. User-defined messages can be generated as well. In addition to this, a thermal replica is integrated for the supervision of the ohmic losses in the plant.

Distance Protection Relay go.

The integrated programmable logic CFC allows the users to implement their own functions, e. The specific application can be chosen by parameterization.

Turn amnual more accessible mode.

Siprotec 7ut612 Transformer Differential Protection Relay – Automation Device

Transformer Differential Protection go. The SIPROTEC 7UT differential protection relay are used for fast and selective fault clearing of short-circuits in transformers of all voltage levels and also in rotating electric machines like motors and generators, for short lines and busbars.

Protection for Rail Electrification go. Therefore, complete thermal monitoring of a transformer is possible, e. In this way an optimal adaption of the relay to the protected object can be achieved. The protection relay can be parameterized for use with threephase and single-phase transformers.


Optionally, a low or high-impedance restricted earth-fault protection, a negative sequence protection and a mznual failure protection can be used.


With external temperature monitoring boxes thermo-boxes temperatures can be measured and monitored in the relay. Cyber Security Products and Solutions go. High Speed Busbar Relzy go. Turn off more accessible mode. Smart Grid Software Solutions go.

Search Search term s Search. The flexible communication interfaces are open for modem communication architectures with control system. Products for Protection go.