Jill said: A Possible Life is comprised of five stories – five lives – that are tied Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks The Girl at the Lion d’Or by Sebastian Faulks. Sebastian Faulks’s “novel in five parts” isn’t really a novel — any more than “A Possible Life” consists of three short stories, bookended by two. Sebastian Faulks may well have conceived of it as a novel in his mind, as he has stated in recent interviews, but the truth is that A Possible Life.

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Though their stories are necessarily compressed, Faulks makes his characters real with spare, careful details. However, when Geoffrey is taken prisoner, held in a concentration camp and forced to participate in Special Unit operations which include shovelling dead or not-quite-dead children into crematorium furnaces, Faulks goes beyond his capacity.

So do these stories come together as a possilbe It will entertain you, it will inspire you, and it will amaze you. I did not enjoy this story at all. While each story was interesting and compelling in its way excepting perhaps the last one they failed to be truly cohesive as a novel.

Yet when I looked at all five stories together, I was plunged into a philosophical odyssey of human existence. Here are fresh cruelties in a place where the bureaucracy of genocide assembled an efficient staff of psychopaths and sadists. It reads like a dream yet a dream based in reality because it felt musically and emotionally deadly accurate. Oct 26, Mike Cuthbert rated it it was amazing. On a summer evening in the Catskills ina skinny girl steps out of a Chevy with a guitar and with a song faulk will send shivers through her listeners’ skulls.

Or an album that faulkd need to listen to again and again.


A Possible Life by Sebastian Faulks: review

Billy is the unselected son of a poor family, forced to let him go because of the expense of running a large family. He then joins a commando force dropped into France, where he is promptly arrested by the Nazis and put to work incinerating the corpses of fellow prisoners.

I came to know her songs as intimately as if they were a soundtrack for the entire book; a quirk that is undoubtedly intentional on Faulks’ part. What does this story add to the world? The more I live the less I seem to understand.

Sebastian Srbastian novels have usually been in the former category, A Possible Life was no exception and I am going to do something I do not normally do in the body of a review and include three quotes. Just like one bad waitress doesn’t a crummy restaurant make, so too does one “meh” novel not indict Sebastian Faulks. A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life. The last llife was set in and followed the rise of a musical sensation through the eyes of her lover.

The second is set in and tells the story of a boy who is sent to the workhouse by his parents. This review is based on an e-galley provided by the publisher. These two youths struggle to find a common ground that will accommodate their strong mutual attraction.

A Possible Life: A Novel in Five Parts

Not the author’s best work, in my opinion. From the unspeakable horrors Geoffrey witnesses in his German prison camp to the striving after perfect self-expression of the young folk singer Anya King in the book’s final story, the writing is masterfully controlled, without a word wasted.

That hardship would not have been his destiny, had it not been for the Crimean war that stole his father’s livelihood and sent them broke. As lfe old man, alone, lonely, he cannot seem to reconcile why it is that he fought so hard to preserve his life.


Elena’s character makes more sense, but unfortunately makes Bruno’s character redundant because she also doesn’t desire much in the way of friendship or love.

The most successful genetic mutation of all time has permitted the self-awareness that allows human beings to “empathise, guess, manipulate, out-think, out-fight — and, where necessary, co-operate”. Even the title question of “How many possible lives?

A Possible Life by Sebastian Faulks: review – Telegraph

She is simplistic, but not, as the narrator tells us “ignorant” at all: The novel takes them to the black mouth of Auschwitz, to disappear over its threshold with a finality that is the more memorable because Faulks understands exactly how far he can accompany these children. Not to remember, of course, is to risk the demon of repetition. Quotes from A Possible Life: It was only when I got to the third story that I realised that it was a book of short stories rather Review Sebastian Faulks is an author who I find to be a bit hit and miss.

Geoffrey Talbot is a fine cricketer, an homme moyen sensuel who is bilingual by accident of upbringing, and becomes a British agent in occupied France. Whether it is a creative calling, the greater good, or just doing the right thing. Geoffrey joins the Underground in France and there meets Giselle and forms a love alliance with her though she is not really a participant.