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Nicosia, Central Bank of Cyprus. Jewish Theological Seminary, cDS Weizmann Science Press of Israel, Satellite television was permitted inand following alyerie passing of the Information Code, the government ended its monopoly over the printed press.

Al-Nahar — Widely read, purports to be independent but believed to be close to the government, particularly on security-related issues. Association of Arab-American University Graduates.

Western Language Journals – Near East – Library Guides at University of Washington Libraries

Alger, Republique algerienne democratique et populaire, Ministere de la planification et de l’amenagement du territoire, Direction des statistiques et de la comptabilite nationale [etc.


Middle East Institute, DS Imprimerie de l’Institut francais d’archeologie orientale, HC Beyrouth, Centre culturel universitaire [etc]. Copenhagen ; Aarhus, Denmark: Skip to primary content.

On 24 Januarythroughout the morning until 11 o’clock, Ennahar TV displayed a black screen. London, Egypt Exploration Society [etc.

Glateh Information Service Ltd. Dec 19, 1: China Institute in America, DS University College Dublin, Washington, The Turkish Embassy. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. Ah’shav Now Publishers, cPJ Universidad de Granada, -DP According to a news channel published on its website, there was a technical failure due to a cutting of a fiber optic cable in Egypt at 6: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Universite libanaise, Faculte des lettres, G1. For example, with the spread of radio broadcasting in the s and the establishment of the nationwide station Radio Algiers, the French government actively restricted the dissemination of algeriie throughout the country and deliberately tailored programming to appeal to the Algerian elite.

Near East: Western Language Journals

Notable cases of state persecution against the media include the police shutting down private TV station Al-Watan inafter it fell foul of the authorities by airing an interview with a government critic.


We currently reach six million readers annually and growing fast. Media journa and individual journalists lagerie continued to be subjected to violence, harassment and detention by state authorities in recent years. Office arabe de presse et de documentation,HJ Office of the Republic of Cyprus,HC Middle East Economic Consultants S.

It was first published inand 91 editions had been printed by the time the country achieved independence in Cambridge University Press, DS Dietrich Reimer Verlag, cDS Office of Naval Research, London, [ Alain Charles Computer Publishing Ltd.

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