Sexual attraction between a nameless narrator and his wife, Fizz, provides the through line of this sweeping epic by journalist and editor Tejpal. Written from within the skin of India, The Alchemy of Desire is a novel quite unlike any other, with a power and weight of feeling one almost never encounters in. In turn-of-the-millennium India, a penniless would-be writer halts work on his novel only to feed his ceaseless desire for his beautiful wife. Then a chance.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Read reviews that mention alchemy of desire glue between two people tarun tejpal english language american woman writer block read this book india fizz lust catherine indian diaries editor becomes erotic narrator protagonist sexual contemporary.

The very first paragraph. My friend described this book as a perfect circle and with that I’d like to conclude my review. Love was harsh, beautiful and most of the times too alchemh for comfort. What can you expect from a book that starts with “Love is not the glue between two people. Tarun J Tejpal’s The Alchemy of Desire would have been significant even without this endorsement, as it is written by a major contemporary editor and publisher, a person who, as the publicity tejpao puts ddsire, is “famous in India” for his uncompromising journalism.

Little actually happens in these places, however; the narrator’s obsession with writing and alchdmy rivals that of Henry Miller’s, and Fizz, the muse and sexual dynamo, is a contemporary Mona though less of a nag. Tarun Tejpal makes full use of the erudite journalist in him.

Read a fiction after a long. He should definitely change his editor. We start with our nameless narrator and his wife, Fizz, at a crux in their marriage after fifteen years. The desire of having something to desire.


Alchemy of Desire: Tarun Tejpal: : Books

With the amalgamation of past and present there are lot of characters that instead of providing a clear picture, leaves it a little unclear. The butt-jokes flow easily don’t they? That it is defined by context and motive.

There was something about the unreliable character of the narrator that really got to me here: It has been written well but I am not happy with the structure nor the size of the book. Learning to keep in step; the opportunity to express little concerns — alarm, caution, the touch on the elbow; the blood running in the veins; the sense of movement and shared goal; the sense of just being two amid the swirl; and above all the ability to talk expansively in the open air without the anxiety of each other’s gaze and close scrutiny.

In the desiring and the doing this most reviled of men fulfils the mandate of man. Life for him seems to revolve around it. You must know the world before you are done with it. It takes another creature of desire, from an altogether different era to bring his desire to its right denouement. Holmes uncovers a mystery in ‘Rashomon’ style.

My only criticism would be his treatment of the narrators wife. So, Alchemy of Desire, it had to be patient.

I started reading it months ago and stopped and started, but the last half of the book was incredible. It is our greatest undoing. Throughout, it reveals Tejpal’s eye for characterisation and description.

Do you remember Tarun Tejpal? This is a very well written book with a steady subject at hand. It also offers, in searing, lucid prose, a deeply sensual and moving account of the complex chemistry between sex, ambition and love. But also creates love, beauty, art. The lack of drama can be dissatisfying for some but it is what made me exult and clinched the novel for me.


It forms the background score of his life, a diminuendo of submission at one time, a dominant falsetto of passion at the other. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Indian summary

One of those time-pass books. Read more Read less. Books by Tarun J. Obsessed with each other, they move from a small town to the big city, where the narrator who dreams of being a writer works feverishly on a novel, stopping only to feed his ceaseless desire for his beautiful wife. And it does get repetitive despite the author’s desire pun not intended to paint it in all shades, shapes, and species.

When I finally picke The reason I chose this novel to read, apart from its captivating title, is that one of my Goodreads friends has read it also. Please try to ignore the cover of the Ecco edition, it does not reflect the scope of the book at all. Jan 09, Akshat rated it it was amazing. It is published by Picador India and the cover price is Rs Given such extent, the novel sometimes falters under the weight of its own intention.