Model APSC. Owners 24 Hour Timed Start Setup, Operation, and Use 23 of this manual has a section for the particular features and options installed in. Save this Book to Read prestige apsc installation manual PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get prestige apsc installation manual PDF. AUDIOVOX APSC INSTALLATION MANUAL — | PDF | 73 Pages | KB | 09 AUDIOVOX APSC INSTALLATION MANUAL The key.

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Pressing the pre-programmed transmitter button s will access channel four and will remain active, for up to 20 seconds, as long as the transmitter button s is held.

Choose a location above the belt line dashboard of the vehicle for best reception. Enter text from picture: Shock Sensor By Pass: Connect the Red wire to the low current ground signal wire from the factory door lock switch to the factory door lock relay.

For technical support go to www. Programming Remote Start Feature Bank 3. Once activated, the unit will start 1 time if the vehicle temperature reaches “0 ” and then will run the allotted time. Be certain that the chosen mounting location will not inhibit any of the controls of the vehicle.

This wire will show 0 volts when the key is turned to the “OFF” See owners manual for turning this feature on from the manuual. The following procedure must be performed after the installation of any Remote Start Device.

Instxllation not remove the fuse holders from this wire harness. Failure to connect this wire to the ignition switch side of the of the neutral safety switch can result in personal injury and property damage.



Starter Output Careful consideration for the connection of this wire must be made to prevent the vehicle from starting while in gear. You can enter Bank 3 from Bank 2 by turning the ignition key off then on after you’ve made the changes you wanted in Bank 2, Siren two Long ChirpYou can also go right to bank 3 by: Page 30 For technical support go to www. Page 3 3 of If there is a Non Plug in Shock Sensor used with the alarm system and it is not shunted during the Remote Start activation period, then vibration from the running vehicle can cause the alarm to trigger.

In most cases, the Purple wire will need to be connected to only one door switch no matter how many doors the vehicle has as most door lighting circuits are wired in parallel.

After you have confirmed the operation of the Audiovox Remote Start iinstallation and tested all the safety features of the system: Draw a circle around any of the columns. Understanding the difference between a mechanical and an electrical Neutral Start Switch will allow you to properly identify the circuit and select the correct installa- tion method.

Don’t show me this message again. Page 25 To decrease sensitivity, turn the adjustment screw manuao clockwise. If the vehicle’s parking lights are ground switched, connect this wire to chassis ground.

Connect this wire to the vehicle’s parking light feed wire. Insrallation this application, the Red wire of the door lock harness provides a ground pulse during the arming sequence, or pulsed ground lock output. The mounting location selected must be within 24″ If the vehicle’s parking lights are ground switched, connect this wire to chassis ground.


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Platinum APS-997C Installation Manual

Page 27 b 27 of To decrease sensitivity, turn the adjustment screw counter clockwise. Mznual 16 These applications require the use of additional components which may include relays, fixed resistors, or for convenience, a Door Lock Interface.

The following two circuits may be used only if the above circuit is not available. When selecting Diesel operation, Bank 3 Feature 11over gasoline, the only change is to the ignition circuits. Cut this wire and connect the ignition cylinder side to chassis ground.

Program Feature 5 Bank 3 There are 4 ways that als997c remote start monitors the engine running, one or the other must be selected for your application for the remote start to operate correctly. Page 18 Connector Port The 4 pin port located on the side of this module is for proprietary Audiovox data bus interface modules.

Avoid mounting components or routing wires near hot surfaces or near moving parts like the steering wheel as it may prevent proper operation of the vehicle. Monitoring The Vehicle’s Engine: