CADWorx Equipment is a parametric equipment modeler with all the features needed to easily model 3D equipment for plant design. The package lets you. Model Review and Walkthrough. *. CADWorx PIPE (Additional Modules). * NavisWorks Presenter. * NavisWorks Clash Detective. * Isogen. CADWorx Equipment. 20 16 90 CADWorx Tips in 90 Minutes Matt Worland Senior Project Standard Equipment Data files 10) Project Standard Insulation Files 11).

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From there you have a 1-click Import to model the vessel in Equipment. You are commenting using your Twitter account. So when I forget something, I can come here and find it again. Good trouble shooting as well.

CADWORX EQUIPMENT tutorial – Vertical Vessel

The reference line can also be a great time saver. This site uses cookies.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: October 29, at 8: At the end of the project, acdworx all ended up agreeing — model virtually everything.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Prices, Brochures and Fact Sheets. The common problem is closing the Equipment palette and not knowing how to get it back open as you had it.

Parametric Equipment Modeling CADWorx Equipment is a hierarchical parametric modeler that makes the complexities of building equipment as simple as entering values in an easy-to-use build tree.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The down side is that you miss seeing some of the data from the tooltips in Plant. Thanks for sharing the info here. For tugorial, tanks and exchangers, items such as skirts, shells, reducing cones, heads, body flanges, nozzles, platforms, ladders and supports are just some of the choices that are available.


Isogen and Equipment — When I first started using CADWorx my co-workers and I had several long discussions on what to model, and how we were going to model.

CADWorx Equipment

Intergraph has recently changed their internet policy which broke all of our existing links. Yes, I said that.

October 14, at 9: Dave Wolfe on March 9, at 3: Kelly Eugene Kitchens says: You can use the dropdown to switch between different equipment items. Home About Website Links. We are working with them to try to get the information back online. Also — if you want to look into or edit an. March 9, at 3: This tip really needs to be in the hands of the project manager or someone who has input on deliverables from Equipment vendors. You can use the same equipment name for multiple equipment items in a single drawing file.

Also, vessels and exchangers can be bi-directionally linked to PV Elite for engineering analysis.

5 Tips on using CADWorx Equipment in CADWorx Plant Professional

For pumps, you can choose suction and discharge nozzles, impellers, motors, base plates tuotrial other items to ensure your equipment is created exactly as it should be. Before moving on to the next article on Project SetupI wanted to cover a few tips that help us in the CADWorx Equipment environment in no particular order. Showpalettes had no effect, though it was definitely turning back on palettes hidden by Hidepalette.

Matthew Roberts on March 9, at 3: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You are commenting using your Facebook account. We were able to save time and man-hours using technical reviews built into the CADWorx.


The package lets you accurately build units such as vessels, exchangers, tanks and pumps quickly and effortlessly. If you are having Equipment designed as part of your project, do everything in your power to have your vendor use PV Elite to design the vessels, and the manager should make the PV Elite files.

Instead of having to calculate the distances from dimensions from the start of the cylinder or head, we can set up a reference to match the dimensions given in our cut sheet.

Equipment is nice because you get standard nozzle callouts on your Isogen isometrics. Powered by Nodus Solutions. Matthew, can you tell me why the Thread Series drop down list in Cadworx Equipment is not showing equipmebt when I try to put bolts in a saddle? Ttutorial user interface for CADWorx Equipment is simply a tool palette and maybe a toolbar… The common problem is closing the Equipment palette and not knowing how to get it back open as you had it.

Some eqiipment your links seem dead, specifically the link to instructions on how to load Equipment into Plant. CADWorx Equipment is a parametric equipment modeler with all the features needed to easily model 3D equipment for plant design. Notify me of new comments via email.

Bi-directional Links to Pressure Vessel Analysis It has never been easier for your vessel engineers and plant designers to collaborate. June 22, at 8: