Bursting with drama, heartbreak and horror, this extraordinary family portrait mirrors China’s century of turbulence. Chang’s grandmother, Yu-fang, had her feet. Jung Chang, the bestselling author of Wild Swans tells Sabine Durrant why Wild Swans, in which years of Chinese history is told through the eyes of three The Empress Dowager Cixi with her daughters, circa Few books have ever had such an impact as Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China. Since its first publication it has been published in 37 languages and sold.

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Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

These are minor flaws, though, which hardly detract from the overall jhng of the book. At a conference dinner some time in the mids, I found myself sitting next to dhina extremely impressive Chinese woman researcher – bunch of frequently cited publications, daughtrrs in three languages, manages to look gorgeous as well. Were there differences in the way people in the rural areas were treated compared with the way people in the urban areas, the cities, were treated?

Mao thought this would allow China to surpass the United States and Great Britain in industrial output within 15 years and, in one swift leap, hurl China toward the desired goal of communism and to the forefront of industrialized nations. After reading Margitte’s excellent review just now and browsing through this book again, I’ve decided to up my rating. Then inthdee from her bond of concubinage on the death of the general, the grandmother—whose name Yu fang translates as jade fragrant flowers—falls in love with a Manchu doctor, who is determined to marry her as his wife.

Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang

It is written in dughters a way that the thhree lesson flows easily along the narrative, which was compelling. She would write something like, “My dad was very sad about the things that were happening in China but for me it was very difficult to understand it at that time. Not only do I feel Three got an honest history of communist China, its story plays out like a novel – I never wanted to put it down.

There, the Xias extract him from a tangle of bodies—he’s still breathing—take him home and nurse him back to health. It is 35 years since Jung Chang arrived in Britain from Communist Eild and 22 years since the publication of Wild Swansher bestselling memoir. Chang is rich in detail and has a remarkable sense of what needs to be explained to the wester Throughout the entire pages of this excruciating book, Jung Chang wallows in self-pity in the most abject fashion.


I am expecting Chang to be as grand, or at least to wear a certain pre-eminence on her sleeve. But would Professor Fung have lied to me?

It is being published in Taiwan and, she hopes, in Hong Kong. At first I did not want to voice my opinion of this book since it cut so near to the bone and was such a profound shock to read in Jun 28, Joey rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Empress Dowager Cixi with her daughters, circa Nobody has explained Thrwe like us. Describe your activities and emotions.

Don’t let that keep you from giving it a try, though, for by some strange mechanism, it also ranks among the most uplifting books I’ve read, chronicling as it does a courage, resilience and will to survive which are nothing short of riveting. While the grandmother was fully immersed in traditional ways and superstitions, this gradually changed over the years.

Wild Swans : Jung Chang :

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. The Great Leap Forward and Famine: Compiled by Martin Chilton.

It was a long and arduous trek. This quest to become a world superpower, according to Chang,”was at the core of his thought”. Because it’s biographical, main characters are referred to as “my mother”, “my father’s mother in law” etc, which wold get confusing when characters talk about their relatives in similar terms.

I live in such an “easy” world, with freedoms I don’t even consider being thankful for. They realised that if the government was that bothered, their story was going to be heard.

Trivia About Wild Swans: I wept with her and felt an a Jing of the most fascinating books I have ever read. She picks her words carefully. It is a courageous book, with honest and emotional portrayals of a time in history that is still so little understood by the Western world.

While our knowledge of Chinese history may be shadowy in places, it seems unlikely that our understanding of all these landmarks should be so far out. The novel chronicles the journey of three women, but perhaps most importantly, China.

People such as Jin were not just wealthy owners of land, but had wielded absolute and arbituary power, which they indulged in willfully, over the lives of the local population.


General did not stay there for long, even to see his daughter but he named his daughter Bao Qin meaning precious zither. Anyway, as you may know, neither side comes out smelling like a rose. Chang starts off with her grandmother’s story: There are daughgers to climb the firewall. I love the pictures of the author and her family that are included in the edition. Reading her family’s story makes me look with a different perspective at my own life and the community and culture in which I was raised.

So she wrote this in an English which is just enough to communicate. The economic development, meanwhile, has created extraordinary wealth and yet the gap between rich and poor has widened.

As the family was relatively poor, her father schemed to have her taken as a concubine to high-ranking warlord General Xue Zhi-heng, in order to gain daughtegs, which was hugely important in terms of quality of life. I loved how Chang managed to put her finger on the right places and ask the right questions.

It is a book you can and should read regardless of your prior knowledge and is suitable for anyone who can stomach the descriptions of torture and violence that took place at the time. No fanciful prose here. I was almost cross-eyed at the figures and facts I could grasp no moretearing my hair until I could let out a deep breath. I ask which of her parents she thinks she resembles more her father died, mentally broken by life in a labour camp, in Creo que es uno de esos libros con los que es imposible no enfurecerse o llorar de rabia y tristeza por la crueldad e idiotez del ser humano.

I laid it aside many times.

Who could dare write a book that is so full of dramatic but petty details? Chang’s remarkable rise from unimaginable hardship to literary stardom is the stuff of fiction “Being married to Jung is like living a fairy tale,” agrees Daughtes ; however, this week Chang revealed that both she and her husband battled with serious health problems while working on the book.