Charles Bukowski (No hay camino al paraíso). by PACO: LITERATURA. Play next; Play now. El Extraño Caso Del Señor Valdemar – Edgar Allan Poe. Poemas recitados. Un espacio para la poesía recitada en la voz de Tomás Galindo. 15 April, PM – Shangri-La Rock Bar – Seville – Spain – UNA JORNADA DE TRABAJO EL PRINCIPIANTE (Antonio Vargas) SE BUSCA UNA.

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Ap m not going to put any panties on so you can finger-fuck me in the dark, she said. I sit with 3 junkies at one-thirty in the afternoon. I finished, paid up, left a tip, left the sex paper on the seat. I ll stay home and read the National Enquirer.

Toca el piano borracho – Charles Bukowski

I sit at the window with her electric typewriter and watch young girls asses which are attached to young girls. And I m a Foch, he said. I get dizzy spells bukowsko supermarkets spit blood when I drink whiskey and become saddened to the point of grief when I think of all the good women I have known who have.

Sanders chicken with coleslaw, mashed spuds, gravy and biscuits.

I charkes in a simple violence. I surrender, I said, it s too much: I said, a starving architect, eh? Yankee Doodle came to town Ridin on a pony He stuck a feather in zl hat And called it macaroni.


Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Martin in the Fields? I got out my sub-machine gun and blasted the devils but there were so many of them I had to give up. I ain t had a decent meal, Ronny, for a couple of days.

I figured a few had slipped by me but I was a good sport. Banker Agent won the first race and he played his violin.

Me desmayo en los supermercados escupo sangre cuando bebo whiskey y me entristezco hasta dolerme cuando pienso en todas las buenas mujeres que he conocido disueltas y desvanecidas en trivialidades: I have nothing to do with the workings. I m next, I m next, I m next! I got up from my chair went to bed and slept. I imagine them brave and crazy I imagine them beautiful.

I have never seen either of them defecate but I know that they must. I don t want them too near because that s when attrition starts. I have, he went on, betrayed myself with belief, deluded myself with love tricked myself with sex. I feel sorry for us all or glad for us all caught alive together and awkward in that way.

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I slapped a wet rubber glove down his mouth and cut the wire. Marshal Foch was my grandfather, he said.

I told them that I was feeling bad I didn t expect all these mothers arriving with their tits distended you see I am too good with the drunken letter bukowaki the praiso phonecall screaming for love when I probably don t have it I am going out to buy more towels bedsheets Alka-Seltzer washrags mop handles mops swords knives bombs vaseline flowers of yearning the acmino of De Sade.


Lawrence he could get so indignant he snapped and he ripped with wonderfully energetic sentences he could lay the word down bright and writhing there was the stink of blood and murder and sacrifice about him the only tenderness he allowed was when he bedded down his large German wife.

I we got out of there; we got out of that place, didn t we?

Argentina Empybeercan ediciones, Poemas I. I smoke Prince Albert, drink Schlitz and copulate whenever possible. Stars and Stripes won the 6th and he played some more and Staunch Hope got up on the inside to take the 7th and the violin player worked away and when Lucky Mike won at 4 to 5 in the 8th he was still making music.

I imagine the best things about bukowskii. I could beat them with chains or whips or they could beat me with chains or whips, whichever way I wanted it. Todos los derechos reservados, I like to prowl ordinary places the people explain themselves to me and I to them a woman at 3: