N.G.L. Hammond, Dzieje Grecji. Warszawa (i następne wydania). M. Cary, H.H. Scullard, Dzieje Rzymu. Warszawa i następne wydania. Alföldy G., Historia społeczna starożytnego Rzymu, Poznań ; Cary M., Scullard H. H., Dzieje Rzymu, T. , Warszawa ; Jaczynowska M., Dzieje. Cary M. and Scullard H. H. Dzieje Rzymu od czasów najdawniejszych do Konstantyna 2, transl. by J. Schwakopf. Warsaw. Evans J. On a military.

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Pomerium – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Pomerium had religious and legal significance. Manavit ea privatorum benignitas ex urbe etiam in castra, ut non sckllard, non cen- turio stipendium acciperet, mercennariumque increpantes vocarent qui accepisset. Both fascism and communism referred to the figure of the dictator. However, it was a continuation of the Roman Empire on more ideological and formal than legal level. Studies in honour of Raymond Bogaert, Studia Hellenistica 44p. Currently, it is an area of interest of several Polish Roman researchers concentrated in academic centres of Warsaw, Olsztyn and Lublin [25].

This new look on Roman public law, however, must be made using the modern terminology and the understanding of political institutions.

It was a safe and sure form of deposit since financial resources entrusted to the state were easily reclaimable. The modern research and teaching of Roman law is generally associated with the private law or in the currently used terminology, with the civil law.


In Olsztyn, for the first time in Poland, the academic subject of Scullare public law was introduced to the students of administration course.

Therefore, Livy places triumviri mensariis among the officials who par- ticipated in three-man boards appointed to deal with various issues. Moreover, triumviri mensariis accepted and registered all voluntary contributions for the benefit of the state. Banche e banchieri nella Roma repubblicana.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Among them is Polish Roman scholar dzkeje T.


He focused on the study of Roman private law. SUMMARY Mensarii were bank officials appointed or chosen by the state in some circumstances especially in the periods of general poverty. In Poland, Spain and Italy began a slow dieje of the study of Roman public law.

In Poland, Italy, Spain, first-year students learn the history and institutions of Roman law. It does not result form the context Liv.

The subject called the history of administration covers only the period of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The studies on Roman public law can be found in other parts of the world, including Turkey, Kazakhstan and Georgia. In Poland, the new subject – the Roman public law was introduced in many universities on the administration course.

Masses of citizens incurred debts — nexum. As far as territory of Rome ezymu being exanded new pomerium was officially marked. All so- cial strata took part in the collection of public funds.

Torrent, similarly to Koschaker, argues that the crisis of the education of Roman public law is linked to the rise of totalitarian regimes in the twentieth century. Tarda enim nomina et impe- ditiora inertia debitorum quam facultatibus aut aerarium mensis cum aere in foro positis dissolvit, ut populo prius caveretur, aut aestimatio aequis rerum pretiis liberauit, ut non modo sine iniuria sed etiam sine querimoniis partis utriusque exhausta vis ingens aeris alieni sit.


Un cambiamento di prospettivaRoma, see also: Qui rem difficillimam tractatu et plerumque parti utrique, semper certe alteri gravem cum alia moderatione tum impendio magis publico quam iactura sustinuerunt. Students are assessed on the basis of: The cultural boundary of Europe has always dzymu a problematic matter.

The history of the research on the Roman public law. However, the indication of the similarities or perhaps differences in the organization of society and the dogmatic structure of particular legal institutions can pave the way for the new research on the functions of the institutions of the Roman state in relation to public institutions existing contemporary. The considerations made in this study are selected according to Romidee line.

Only well-deserved Romans and servants of goddess Westa could be buried there.