Samurai & Junk – Efectul Umbrei by Samurai Romania, released 01 December 1. Samurai & Junk – Intro 2. Samurai & Junk – Scurt Metraj 3. Samurai. Efectul Umbrei de Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford si Marianne Williamson. Efectul umbrei. By Miky | Published 9 September, | Full size is × pixels. PlayerInfo este definit ca pInfo,asadar inlocuieste PlayerInfo cu pInfo.

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But they can also enrich your time in a way you will never find in any other activity. I had a lot of clouds, but I had so many rainbows. A adus un ou, un cartof si o mana de cafea.

Simply put, I choose to spend it with people I love.

Samurai & Junk – Scurt metraj (Efectul Umbrei EP – 2012)

But be a blessing to somebody. I enjoyed luxurious lifestyles and gadgets.

Ultimately, money is just a complex form of agreement between human beings, nothing more. And the fundamental difference is not in money. Wherever you put your time, it brings life. You always have rainbows in your clouds to help light your way and give you hope. Your relationship will endure only for as long as the image you built will endure.


‘Tenta by Junk | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Not your thoughts, not your hopes, not your desires. Oamenii care par puternici la exterior se pot pierde si pot deveni slabi cand apar probleme in viata lor, iar cei umbrel par sensibili vor deveni mai puternici.

Acesti oameni gasesc o modalitate de a trece mai departe peste orice problema in viata.

And I have realized how sheltered I have been. I made a few millions and I spent a few millions. You have fear and you have faith. Not you, as a human being. Ce ar trebui sa fac? I immersed myself in the suburbia culture, with a SUV in front of my villa. Angelou said she always felt and drew strength from their support. Cafeaua este ca acei oameni care nu pot fi modificati de situatia lor, ci s-a folosit de ce avea pentru a face ceva nou.

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Time you spend with people you love is the only thing that matters. These outside things are just accessories. Always be prepared to offer support when needed. And, to a large extent, I succeeded at it. La exterior cartoful si oul arata la fel, insa in interior sunt complet diferite… Acelasi lucru se intampla si cu oamenii.


Knowing that time is something you consume, like it or not, something that will eventually run out and end your existence on earth. You have two choices. The only limit to life is yourself.

These are people, they can make mistakes. Acum… alegerea iti apartine: Or I have to update my Facebook status. To be number one.

A lot of money. O scurta poveste pe care sa ti-o reamintesti in acele momente dificile din viata.