Eminence PSD High Frequency 1″ Driver, 80 Watts at 8 Ohms. Developed for totally loaded Eminence cabinets, or as upgrades to an existing device. Eminence PSD 1 bolt on high frequency driver handles a powerful 80 watts AES at kHz. Eminence:: 1 Inch Bolt On:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W Compression Driver 8 Ohm:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W.

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So to me, this is the main difference between the drivers, and why the does not go as low as the Art Welter Senior May 16, Care was taken to insure a smooth transition between driver, adapter and horns, eminencee a fair amount of drilling, filing and cursing those that made poorly aligned adapters and drivers that have eminnece bolt patterns. Program consisted of both dual sine wave tones of the same musical interval at different frequencies, and a 30 second music excerpt.

Thanks again for the time, energy and expertise. Granted distortion plots don’t necessarily relate to subjective listening tests but providing this data does help everyone psx2002 more informed choices.

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Michael Smithers Junior May 16, The distortion levels above do not include the minimal contributions of upper harmonics past ;sd2002 second, and are rounded to the nearest whole number above the actual 2ndHD. To achieve the same HF response at feet in the desert would requires a psc2002 This HF compression driver evaluation was undertaken for three basic reasons: Jan 11, 0 0 Troy, NY.


Because the neo is smaller than the ceramic the throat opens up faster and has a bigger angle at the mouth of the driver than the If you buy from the iTunes store, you’re stuck with k AAC which is adequate for a lot of stuff but not always. Eminsnce Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Rob Timmerman Graduate May 18, All of the drivers tested showed many desirable characteristics and some defects.

Nowadays I use lossless Psd2002 when encoding my own stuff. The BMS drivers are only capable of low distortion output with a Hz crossover frequency at a level lower than one watt. I hope this came out right. Just that I want to thank her for her patience with you and this project. I don’t know about secrets eminsnce I thought DG had a strategy to cancel or somehow mitigate “throat” distortion in horns, this is only one type of loudspeaker distortion, thus the desire for linear drivers so the throat distortion will be predictable.

Art Welter Senior May 9, Greg Cameron Senior May 17, The dual sine wave tests made hearing the differences between the drivers easiest, simply stated, the EV DH1A has more output available with less audible distortion than the other drivers.

eminece Having one sitting idle after use in a Leslie-style rotating speaker, it has sat idle for the last decade, and provided an interesting glimpse into past designs. Forums New posts Search forums.

In the past two decades, LF driver technology has made large advances in linear excursion capability and power handling, resulting in more clean LF output per driver, although requiring psd2020 power to achieve that goal. Thread starter Art Welter Start date May 9, It was very interesting to me to see the two BMS drivers plots side by side.


For such a seemingly simple PA public address driver, it handled music surprisingly well. Having owned emihence of these drivers, have found unit to unit consistency to be quite poor, psd20002 driver tested was eminnece best of four units I still own. John Roberts Graduate Student May 18, The inexpensive PSD was a surprise, with 6 dB more power, it hit The Jensen Hypex is an antique, no longer available except on the used market.

That is, only lower frequencies are compressed and transmitted, and higher frequencies are synthesized by copying lower frequency regions up higher. I don’t want to say they use the same diaphragms, as that has bit me in the butt before, but they have the same VC, and to my knowledge the membrane is the same.

High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation I don’t know about secrets but I thought DG had a strategy to cancel or somehow mitigate “throat” distortion in horns, this is only one type of loudspeaker distortion, thus the desire for linear drivers so the throat distortion will be predictable. Michael, Probably to keep spec sheets concise, although I don’t actually know. John Chiara Senior May 18, What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Lot of thought here, and more so as the thread expands.

Who would have thought!? Jan 29, 0 0.