: Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything ( ): Ervin Laszlo: Books. Science and the Akashic Field by Ervin Laszlo – Presents the unifying world- concept long sought by scientists, mystics, and sages: an Integral Theory of. Recent discoveries in vacuum physics show that this Akashic field is real and has its In Science and the Akashic Field philosopher and scientist Ervin Laszlo.

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Excellent book that goes some way to finding a theory of everything. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Ervin Laszlo is a systems philosopher, integral theorist, and classical pianist. Mainly a discussion of the ‘in-formation’ field as it supports a unified theory. I’ve been reading books on the search for a Theory of Everything.

This book is undoubtedly helpful, and presents a very cogent argument for connecting the modern day holographic view of our experiential reality, deriving from quantum physics and cosmology with the ancient hindu notion of Akasha. He was stimulated in his thinking by the American poet Walt Whitman. This is similar to thermal and chemical, so-called thermodynamical, equilibrium.

I loved his first book on Systems Theory and also like h I’ve been reading books on the search for a Erfin of Everything. An Integral Theory of Everything. I borrowed this book from my local public library, but will end up purchasing it for my own collection. Quotes from Science and the A The truth of the matter is not “design or evolution.

There is much more to digest here. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Apr 15, Andrew Harrison rated it liked it.

The smallest identifiable units of matter, force and light are not separate entities, but specific forms of underlying energy fields. Books by Ervin Laszlo. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he has authored more than 70 books, which have been translated into nineteen languages, and has published in excess of four hundred articles and research papers, including six volumes of piano recordings. The Journal of General Evolution.


Gasp–it even verges on reaching for answers to those terrible questions that tippy-toe about the sublime. Wikiquote has quotations related to: But instead of leaving this as a mathematical problem, Laszlo pushes on towards panpsychism.

Nov 03, Steven Walker rated it liked it.

We need to recognize that just as electric and drvin effects are conveyed by the EM-field, attraction among massive objects by the G-field, and attraction and repulsion among the particles of the nucleus by quantum fields, so nonlocal coherence is conveyed by a field: Okay, sweet, me too.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I have no problem with this just with his placement of the A-field itself and his attempts to mix-up true cause-and-effect relationships. Do not mistake this for a random innocuous quote from an otherwise unbiased and impartial observer, for we all scavenge the world of the perception in search for all that is like us and appears to strengthen out thought system and consolidate our own beliefs about ourselves.

Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

Well worth a read if you wonder where our universe comes from, and its purpose. If phenomena cannot be explained by the existing theory, then maybe an entire zkashic theory and context is needed instead They do not try to have the theory meet with the biases of common sense and personal experience knowing both can be invalid.

And so people experiences their dreams as ifeld but find them to be false and lacking substance on awaking, those with schizophrenia and on drugs experience worlds that do not exist apart from their own mind and belief in them and we all share in some individual and collective hallucinations that we then take to be true amd self-evident because we experience them and they are validated from the apparent outside.

Although, by the second half of the book, he does end up making some hefty intellectual leaps, I can’t help but What a wonderful gem of a book. Rationale for an In-formation Field The evidence for a field that would conserve and convey information is not direct; it must be reconstructed in reference to more immediately available evidence.


And because it is present throughout nature, it is best conceptualized as an extended field. Hungarian philosophers Philosophers of science Hungarian systems scientists Futurologists Hungarian non-fiction writers Hungarian classical pianists Male pianists births Living people Parapsychologists Members of the Hungarian Academy of Laszli Quantum akasihc.

This field consists of a subtle sea of fluctuating energies from which all things arise: This then makes them appear fie,d be separate entities. The most interesting part was in the fjeld with its theory of field of zero-point energies. He is obviously knowledgeable about the latest scientific findings in physics. Cutting edge quantum science is beginning to open up a sphere of reality more coherent and astounding than ever before. Trivia About Science and the A My advice to the author is do Laszloo update another edition – start from scratch and try and re-express your ideas in a more approachable manner.

Ervin László – RationalWiki

For concerns on copyright infringement please see: An Integral Theory of Everything posits a field of information as the substance of the cosmos. And so, two fish are not instantaneously communicating with each other through space, because there is only one fish and no space.

A Unified Science of Matter, Life and Mindhe proposed a universal ” psi -field” underlying and laszl all of matter to explain paranormal and quantum phenomena. Where the likes of Einstein, Newton and many others have created various theoretical works, none have been able to encompass every aspect of the reality we all experience.

What is the reason for this name? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The epiphenomenalists belief that our consciousness is tied to matter and cannot fifld apart from it contradicts however the findings of transpersonal psychology, OBEs, NDEs, ADCs etc.

Let us look at the principal findings: