Uploaded by. Eduardo Alex Flores González guia-portagepdf. Uploaded by. Eduardo Alex Flores. 17 ago. escala portage 1. ATPS – Estrutura de Dados – 2 Bimestre – COMPLETO. Aug 17, Guia Portage años. This Handbook contains the installation instructions for an Internet-based installation and basic instructions about working with Portage.

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LVM support has historically been implemented in Linux 2.

Escala Portage 1

In this case, you don’t need to worry about this stage – your system is already ready to deal with Linux 2. If the above ls command reported that either console or null guka not exist, then you must create them yourself, as shown below.

There is a compleha feature here that you may be interested in – NPTL. Before we get stuck into configuring the kernel, I’ll attempt to detail the most common errors that people make when migrating to Linux 2. Logical Volume Management LVM exists as set of tools allowing you to manage your disk storage in a very flexible manner.

If you have any problems with your 2.

GUIA – Google Drive

Refer to the Configuring the Kernel section of the Gentoo Handbook for additional guidance here. Many users will additionally rely on kernel modules that are built outside of the kernel tree. Be sure to enable support for the IDE controller on your motherboard if you wish to benefit from fast DMA disk access. We will use this opportunity to check that the device files exist, and create them if they do not. An example is shown below:.


You will probably be familiar with using menuconfig from configuring 2. Just be sure not to enable ide-scsi as you used to. Pages with syntax highlighting errors Deprecated Kernel. This way, you will easily be able to switch between the two if something is not working.

LVM acts as an alternative to standard partition-based disk management. Additionally, lm-sensors users will have previously used the i2c package to provide the hardware drivers. At the time of writing, this driver “ub” is still in its early stages and some users find it to be unreliable.

However, this operation will prevent you from ever accessing your LVM data from a 2. The developer of bootsplash appears to have lost interest in his project, given some design problems. You may wish to recompile all binaries now, e. Please read the Udev article on the Gentoo wiki for more information regarding the same.

It is backwards compatible with OSS applications, provided that you select the right kernel configuration options! You should now update your Linux kernel header files and re-merge glibc so that userspace applications can take advantage of new Linux 2. Note libata has been backported into recent versions of Linux 2. You now need to install those modules, which will compile against the 2.

Portage will not completely clean out your 2.

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We will investigate the issue, and if we find that it is a problem in the mainline kernel, we may then ask you to file a report at the central kernel bugzilla.

However, some users have reported that this is not the case. It is safe to remove these remnants with the following command:. The steps you can take to clean up your system are detailed below.


Before continuing, you should ensure that your system is relatively up-to-date, and to be perfectly sure, you should update all world and system packages where updates are available. There are others available, see the Gentoo Linux Kernel Guide for more choices. After updating your headers package, you should generally re-merge glibc.

Note By “PC speaker”, I am referring to the analogue ckmpleta that beeps once when your system is powering up, I am not referring to normal sound hardware used for playing music, etc. The two Gentoo-supported 2. If you are interested in the more technical details, you can refer to The post-halloween document – but do bear in mind that this is somewhat outdated now. It addresses issues with previous device managers, and also attempts to solve some other problems.

Some of the major changes are listed portaage.

One of the changes that a default udev configuration introduces is different organisation of the mouse device nodes. When updating your bootloader config, do not remove the old entry pointing at your 2. Alternatively, you can just let your system “naturally” convert itself to NPTL as you update to newer versions of packages when they are released.

If you choose to update your bootloader config yourself, then you must remember to include the udev kernel parameter. To work around this, you must ensure that you have some essential device nodes on your disk.