Get this from a library! Étude et expérimentation de la commande d’un hacheur – série – parallèle. [Christian Pourny; Conservatoire national des arts et métiers. Results 1 – 6 of 6 Commande Floue D un Redresseur En Cascade Avec Un Hacheur Double Étage by Birame, M’hamed / Mokrani, Lakhdar and a great selection. Schéma de principe des convertisseurs N/A parallèles. A partir des . (2R en parallèle avec 2R est égale à R, R en série avec R donne 2R et ainsi de suite).

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This report is a description of the reactor Pegase, given with a view to examine the safety of the installations.

Dans la troisieme partie, nous rappelons un certain nombre d’autres mesures effectuees sur G1. The methods proposed have proved practicable as a result of important research and developments on automatic jacheur control for all the operations which sdrie up the sequences of mounting, demounting and repairing of the construction components.

Specimen irradiation of fissile or non-fissile materials, carried parwllele under circumstances becoming more and more severe and in reactor of increasing flux bas led to an evolution of irradiation rigs. This problem is discussed in the conclusion. The final part of the communication describes the studies carried out on the realization of a liquid hydrogen cold sink, one of the most important experimental devices envisaged.

We shall not therefore deal further with the technical characteristics of G1 in the present note, but rather propose to define – in the characteristic fields we think will be of major interest to foreign specialists – the results obtained in two and a half years operation since G1 first became critical on january 7, An experimental verification was carried out for the case of fission neutrons filtered by a substantial thickness of graphite.

Etude des caracteristiques d’un reacteur a deux regions, l’une thermique et l’autre rapide, en interaction. Enfin, on fait le point des etudes poursuivies au CEA sur ces memes problemes de recombinaison dans padallele cas des paarllele de puissance.

A review is made of the circumstances which favor a good collection of maintenance data at the C. The question thus arises of whether one should store the plutonium far future use in fast reactors, recycle it in existing thermal reactors, or try to sell it.

Fast flux measurements by means of threshold detectors on the reactor ‘Melusine’; Mesures de flux rapides a l’aide de detecteurs a seuil sur le reacteur ‘Melusine’.

This trend is clearly illustrated by hydrogenations in the field of steam cracking to produce olefins, by catalytic reforming and satellite processes to produce aromatics, and by new processes such as dehydrogenation, metathesis and oligomerization which provide better balance to the market for olefins.

It is fitted with a system of evacuated-neutron-flight tubes used in time-of-flight experiments. The second term is due to the coordinated evolution of all the cells, after the end of the first transitory phase. Storage of plugs and experimental devices from reactors; Stockage des bouchons et dispositifs experimentaux en provenance des reacteurs The idea of the ratio is introduced because it represents a convenient intermediary in the calculations.

  10 U.S.C.654 PDF

It proved that the quench and the ultra-rapid separation of gas and solid must be carefully designed in the pilot plant. The metal layers were deposited on a tubular alumina support by electroless plating. En vue de reduire les dangers dus a la corrosion et a la contamination, la commande du volume liquide est pneumatique. In this paper, the first part describes the principle of nuclear particle detection by means of semiconductor diodes and the general application of these.

Experiments made on packed bed gave kinetic data on the cracking of cumene. Methods and experimental coefficients used in the computation of reactor shielding; Methodes et coefficients experimentaux pour le calcul des protections de reacteurs. Elle doit etre de quelque interet pour ceux qui sont confrontes aux problemes de conception ou d’exploitation de boucles d’irradiation dans des reacteurs experimentaux ou des dispositifs analogues.

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The neutron lifetime was measured in two different cores without reflector, then attempts were made at the measurement of great negative reactivities introduced into the reactor under the serke forms: Les specifications de depart qui ont joue un role important dans la conception de ces aprallele concernent des aspects de securite de fonctionnement chargement du combustible par les deux faces du reacteurremplacement des structures sur les deux faces du reacteurdes necessites neutroniques absorption des structures minimum, pas du reseau, diametre des tubes de force et des considerations thermiques temperature de sortie C.

L’experience a montre l’interet de mesurer l’evolution des activites en produits de fission et non seulement leur valeur absolue. Proserpine has a small cylindrical core, mm diameter, and 10 liters volume. The power stretches then toward a value that depends only on the regime of cooling of the reactor and the excess of the available reactivity.

Finally, we outline a computation method enabling us to determine the sources of captured gamma rays by the age theory and we give an example of the application in a composite shield. This report describes experiments undertaken to measure the catalytic activity at – deg. In addition, these results are referred to the potential steam and electricity market, which leads us to examine certain uses for the heat generated by double purpose power stations; for example, to supply combined industrial plants, various types of town heating and for removal of salt from sea water.

Comme la resolution de l’equation de Boltzmann dans sa forme dependante du temps presente toujours un defi de taille pour tous types de geometries,un autre schema de calcul est necessaire. This note constitutes the first edition of a Handbook for the calculation of reactor protections. On expose brievement les moyens d’essais mis en oeuvre et les performances de ces diverses.


The behaviour of some polyatomic gases in nuclear reactors; Le comportement de quelques gaz polyatomiques dans les reacteurs nucleaires.

The study of local boiling, which is based on the properties of the correlation functions for hachejr neutron noise of detectors placed in the core, shows that a privileged frequency occurs in the power spectrum of the noise. The main results are given together with some comments.

schéma veilleuse

In all cases, the results are compared with the data obtained by another type of experiment or by computation. III – Poison methods. STMicroelectronics – Bipolaires Site: Afin de rendre compte d’experiences recentes et de montrer quelle masse de renseignements sur la physique des reacteurs on peut obtenir avec des systemes a bas flux, les auteurs exposent les programmes experimentaux ci-apres: Ils ont prepare une deuxieme serie de catalyseurs en.

Justifiee par cet interet a court terme, la mise au point de reacteurs a neutrons rapides repond par ailleurs a une necessite pour l’avenir. The dangers of irradiate uranium in nuclear reactors; Les dangers de l’uranium irradie dans les reacteurs nucleaires.

Safety report concerning the reactor Pegase – volume 1 – Description of the installation – volume 2 – Safety of the installations; Rapport de surete du reacteur pegase – tome 1 – Description des installations – tome 2 – Surete des installations.

Des mesures effectuees sur les reacteurs G-1 et G-2 montrent la precision que l’on peut attendre paarallele dispositifs de reglage comme du reglage d’ensemble du reacteur lui-meme.

Full Text Available Fixed bed reactors with a single fluid phase are widely used in the refining or petrochemical industries for reaction processes catalysed by a solid phase.

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The danger of the uranium cans sur-activated by the use in the nuclear reactors is triple: Philips – Passives Vers: G2 – G3 inventive properties, the first french nuclear plants; Caracteristiques generales et aspects originaux des reacteurs G2 et G3. Le tetroxyde d’osmium qui n’est pas altere par le rayonnement en solution acide, accelere l’oxydation radiolytique de certains composes. Rentron – Reynolds Electronics Vers: On donne enfin les conclusions relatives au controle de ces instabilites que ces modeles ont permis de degager.

Catalytic Activity and Nuclear Radiation; L’activite catalytique et les rayonnements nucleaires; Kataliticheskaya aktivnost’ i yadernoe izluchenie; La actividad catalitica y las radiaciones nucleares.

On propose ici d’eliminer l’alumine par solubilisation pour la fixer ensuite sous forme ionique par des resines echangeuses d’ions, en lit melange.