Conferencias – Roso de Luna De gentes de otro mundo – Mario Roso Roso de Luna Mario – Hacia la Steinber Delia. Occultism is then, a method which permits the transcendence of the leading Spanish theosophists, Mario Roso de Luna and Rafael Urbano (see Garlitz, «El concepto»). The article that Roso de Luna wrote on Das in December of in the For example, it allows us to understand what the ancients called gnosis or. The Book That Kills Death or Book Of Jinas – Don Mario Roso de Luna He told me that after many violent battles, a man dressed in white had been seen.

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It is not irrelevant to remember the always peaceful, profound, and delectable lake, and the boisterous river… Therefore, the peaceful lacustrine state invites us to reflection… Indeed, the water is never so active as when it is shown to us in a tranquil fountain.

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His words were very familiar. Send a copy to ls email address. See one of the many testimonies of Jinn that were performed among the soldiers and that the Scottish magazine Life and Work recounts in these terms: Apr 28, It is obvious and known by everybody that in xe, our world, the crystalline fluidic element always presents itself under two opposite aspects, namely the static and dynamic.

It is obvious that the limit of light is darkness.

Parsifal Unveiled, a book by Samael Aun Weor

Venerabilis Opus – Links. Pintos played the harmonium well and was the moving force behind the Philharmonic Society of Pontevedra. Sex creates life, whether physically or spiritually, but you have to know how. The main character haci the story is named Babel because of the “pepitoria” or stew of languages he concocts due to his previous incarnations.


Justice is beyond good and evil. Confirm for yourself the reality of the inferior levels of life, and how to avoid them. In his talk, Valle presented as the explanation of the phenomena, the theory of the Italian chemist, Dal Pozzo of radiation gnpsis projection of thought, ideas or of astral intelligence. There the Poet-Pilgrim lunna himself into the Astral Plane where he is able to see his past lives recorded in the mirror of Astral Light.

Mario Roso de Luna

The world of Geburah is based on justice. Apr 27, 6pm CEST. The bullets could not have missed such a target because he raised his arms begging them to stop.

At midday, we received the command to move in and take the front, which was two hundred yards from our position. In spite of his chicanery, Lupita sees the destiny of a world in which revolution does not break the chains of tyranny, but rather strengthens them in incessant cycles. He appears to have been a cousin of Said Armesto. However, some of them smiled and said that the ditch was affecting their nerves. In the background, the field delectably slopes steeply down to the sacred lake of the mountain… This sacred pool, the initiatic lake, one among the representation of mysteries, eternal scenario of any temple, as still is shown in the present Hindustani sanctuaries, cannot be missed in the dominions of the Holy Grail.


There, the poet-pilgrim 7 is taught the Gnostic myth of the soul’s fall from the timeless world of light or Pleroma into the Kleroma or Satanic world of time, senses and egocentrism. Books to get you or a friend started with the study of Gnosis.

There is a good chance that occultist subjects were among the many they discussed. He then retracted his arms and remained in the form of a cross, as the crosses that are ds seen along side the roads of France. Word came and went quickly and I remember the moment in which my partner George Casay looked at me strangely with his blue eyes and asked me if I had seen the friend of the wounded ones.

Finisecular Occultism in Valle-Inclán, El Pasajero, nº 27,

Sale Date s Apr 27, It is not irrelevant to remember the always peaceful, profound, and delectable lake, haciq the boisterous river….

In Nancy, Argona, in Soissons, in Ypres, and everywhere, all men spoke of him with their voices lowered.

Pintos’ library has unfortunately disappeared. You have been outbid. The spiritists maintained the intervention of spirits while the psychists preferred the more scientific explanation of the existence of a kind of psychic force.

Let us now enter onto the stage: Instead of coveting degrees, powers, initiations and divine dominions, we must strive to become men and women who are useful to suffering humanity.