A HBM: public. 3. Application. The T40B torque flange measures static and dynamic torques on stationary and rotating shafts. Test beds can. Consult HBM Test and Measurement’s entire Torque T40B catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/8. The key features of T40B, a digital torque transducer from HBM are ruggedness and accuracy. It is equipped with a magnetic rotational speed measuring system.

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Speed in rpm, encoder Channel 4 PX lower connector: Get a quote now! The angle of rotation and power are accessed The factors torque and speed are multiplied here: HBM torque measurement technology – Brochure.

T440b resolution can be increased, for example, with every edge of signal A and B triggering a pulse. The torque transducer features 0.

Channel 1 PX upper connector: This is known as quadruple evaluation.

Torque Measurement Applications

The periodic sine and cosine signals are further subdivided by interpolation, thereby further increasing the basic resolution by electronic means. T40B – Data Sheet. The integrated rotational speed measuring system must not interfere with the transmission of the required nominal rated or limit torques.

T40B torque transducers combined with Genesis High Speed are well-suited for this task. This signal is generated by a separate sensor, which senses the corresponding magnetic field in axial direction.

Precision at its best: HBMshop See prices, availability and get an instant quote. Therefore set filter provisionally on Hz then adapt to application. The measured values fluctuate around the real value dependent on the measurement principle pulse counting. After power-on, the rotational speed measuring system needs to be rotated until the reference pulse has been detected.


But as you strive for more quality, convenience and reliability, you come face-to-face with cost and time pressure. Cost-effective, high-performance torque transducer for high precision and reproducibility of measurement results in test benches. The magnetic rotational speed measuring system with high output pulse count allows precise measurement of rotational speed in particular with low rotational speeds.

Universal Torque Transducer | T40B | Digital Torque Meter | HBM

The T40B is a universal torque transducer suited for test bench applications. So, too, are the requirements and demands being placed on test stand equipment with regard to accuracy, efficiency and speed. Test stands save costs by simulating under true-to-life conditions before the expensive practical tests are implemented. Integrating the rotational speed measurement system with the transducer greatly facilitates handling.

The optional magnetic rotational speed measuring system also makes it possible to implement angle of rotation measurements in conjunction with the reference signal. When the sensor used is subjected to a hmb field, its resistance value changes, depending t40h the angle of magnetization and the resistor’s direction vector. Supply voltage and frequency output signal.

This enables the transducer to be used not only in standalone mode; T40B can also be integrated in various fieldbus-based test bench concepts using the TIM40 interface module or the new TIM-EC EtherCAT interface module, for highest performance with highly dynamic measurements.

Innovative digital data transmission delivers reliable measured data, even in difficult ambient conditions. High accuracy of only 0. This digital torque meter also works well for end-of-line tests. The increase in mechanical output hmb, improvement of efficiency, conservation of energy resources and reduction in environmental pollution are all gaining in importance.

With clockwise rotation that is, to the rightsignal B is one phase ahead of signal A. T40B offers maximum flexibility. Power is calculated by multiplying the previous introduced internal channels. Open the catalog to page 5.


Modern test technology helps by reducing development timesdespite the ever-increasing complexity of concepts and requirements. The TIM Torque Interface Module extends capabilities of the torque flange in a flash, adding modern Ethernet-based fieldbuses with digital interfaces Cost-effective, robust and precise. This saves space and significantly facilitates installation.

T40 family – Brochure. The more stringent these demands become, the more important it is to have relevant measuring equipment.

As a result, digital signal transmission is highly immune to interference, so it is the ideal solution for long cable lengths or for use in areas subject to electromagnetic fields. This makes the measurement system extremely insensitive to the relative motion between rotor and stator that can result from vibration in the test bench. Robust magnetic rotational speed measuring system with reference pulse for acquiring the absolute rotor position. With positioning systems, however, it is essential to know the absolute position.

Contact us Please send a message and a representative will contact you shortly. In addition to this, there are a vast number of special applicationssuch as inhaler manufacturing gbm torque control on steel mill trains. T40 family Brochure Russian. This guarantees a robust and stable signal. Open the catalog to page 2.

T40B – Notice de montage. Ubm rotational speed and torque measurement capabilities in a single measurement sensor imposes unique demands on the measurement of rotational speed:. Open the catalog to page 4.