An al-Qaeda bomb attack on a London soccer match provides the tragicomic donnée of former Daily Telegraph journalist Cleave’s impressive. Incendiary: A Novel and millions of other books are available for instant access. . This item:Incendiary: A Novel (Book Club Readers Edition) by Chris Cleave. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. An al-Qaeda bomb attack on a London soccer Incendiary: A Novel – Kindle edition by Chris Cleave. Download it.

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And I think I wanted my son, when he was older, to understand something of the febrile nature of the times he was born into. Incendiary is so genuinely thought-provoking. If you read this, and can recommend a book that you love, that would be great.

Ur command of English language is excellent. incendiarj

Incendiary (novel) – Wikipedia

A chilling debut novel presented in an unfamiliar epistolary format: Chris — keep writing! Learn how your comment data is processed. I do wonder whether the protagonist needed to be a sex-addict?

You have truly inspired me lceave put my pen to paper. I understand what Cleave was trying to do here, but no part of it seemed real. I did not want to read your book but it was chosen by someone at my book group. As per the comments above, I also thought you were a female writer.

Incendiary – Chris Cleave

It seems a bit contrived since it only comes into use as a way for her to get into the newspaper office in the final scene. I read it for the first time when I lived in Malta about 4 years ago and have since started a degree in Comparative Literature at Queen Mary University of London- of all of the international texts I have read during this course, none have so deeply affected me and stayed with me- I even wrote about it in a paper dealing with the representation of London in Literature, Film and Art.


Did you read it in English or Italian? So much was resolved for Sarah, Charlie, and Bee by that last scene in the book. I became a fan of your work after reading Little Bee, immediately returning to the book store to purchase Incendiary.

Reality bites

It is a slow descent into utter chaos, where people not only ignore pleas for help from their fellow Londoners but have no qualms about pushing others out of the way to save themselves. You had this beautiful, powerful book that you had put so much of yourself into especially your own, parental love ; it must have felt like it had been blown up too.

I finished this in one sitting. This was such a deeply moving and sad story about what happens when a life falls apart. Most found it shocking and horrific however not everyone got the humour which was fantastic in xhris way it was set against the horror.

How do you find and express the female voice so eloquently? You do sound like a great person and I bet you are going to have an amazing life!

I left my homeland in Africa over 30 years ago and after many years managed to be granted the privelege of becoming British.

She sees her dead son with increasing frequency and clarity as the story progresses.

I think you are a fabulous writer. Hi Chris I have just finished Incediary. Twenty-five pages into this book, I was sure I was going to offer it up as a sacrifice to the gods of reading by lighting it on fire and tossing it into a random trash can, but I got used to the narrative style pretty quickly after that.


In Holland the writer Kluun has the same effect on me. Cleave’s ability to speak as a woman is extraordinary and makes even the male reader understand her reactions.

Cleave blew me away with his recent novel, Little Bee. So, I feel ashamed of myself. Thank you Chris for sharing your talent with the world. I started writing again, after a few rather dark months when I swore off the habit.

It is brilliant writing and spoke to me and moved me on so many levels.

Please, please keep writing and I very much hope that Little Bee will be made into a movie soon! I laughed out loud and shed tears too.

This book took so much balls to write: She relates, to Osama, all of the events and all of her feelings from immediately before the atrocity to many months afterwards. I look forward to reading more of your work. I tried to make her clever, because I thought she needed to be in order to cut through the mire of political correctness and tell her story with insight.

Weinig gebruik van leestekens, waardoor je soms 10 keer over een zin heen moet. Include a glossary, for pity’s sake.