Magazine. People. 6, likes. Related Pages. John Paul Caponigro. Artist Join Brooks (and Mo) at the press-check for the cover of LensWork #, featuring. So I ordered a subscription to LensWork magazine and have received my third magazine. I ordered it without seeing one for a few years. It’s hard to find a purer example for the product-marketing connection than LensWork magazine. LensWork has grown for 20 consecutive years.

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I ordered it without seeing one for a few years. I had no idea. It does not appear to have changed for at least 10 years. Back Issues Back issue index Alumni index.

In the issue I am reading the number one photographer I don’t have the issue directly in front of me or I would lenseork him in the magazine is using alternative photography and printing to produce some very interesting photographs. There are over studio quality audio recordings which offer insight and inspiration to the creative process in photography — from those who are doing it!

I think it misses the influence of past years and someone important to the magazine. Nothing wrong with that.

LensWork magazine has changed | Photography Forums

Each to his own and all that but personally I am very disappointed and little saddened. Each issue includes portfolios, usually an interview with one of the photographers, often an article by a guest contributor, and an Editor’s Comments.

If you think your work should be in it, send it to them. LensWork is our page, award-winning, bimonthly, anthology-style periodical which focuses on photography and the creative process. I used to keep a couple of copies in my cube at work which has now been masacred into a “collaborative environment” for lunchtime reading or inspiration.


Quite simply, the most amazing, content-rich site for photography and the creative process you’ve ever seen.

Lenswork Magazine

Lensworm Edition Formatted specifically for the Android and similar portable devices; individual issues may be purchased online; also immediately downloadable for members of LensWork Online. I’ve been meaning to do it for years, but I don’t like writing about myself, so I haven’t done it.

Jul 3, 6. This publication comes in four editions: The reproductions are excellent, and articles well written. Books Books on photography and the creative process. Well I don’t subscribe to a magazine to look at my work. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Everybody is in on the act even my magazjne year old granddaughter is making art with my iPhone according to todays standards. That’s why we are so excited to announce this new program, the LensWork Monograph Series.

Even if you don’t get printed immediately I understand that Brooks does a terrific portfolio review. Do you already have an account? You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have that sitting right here. I did notice that some of the images appeared to be over worked in PS Your name or email address: Disc Edition Discs subscriptions and combo discounts are back!!! I did finally send some images in for the Seeing in Sixes book. Not surprised, film photography left the magazines decades ago to be replaced by articles on how great the latest camera was but never reporting the problems nor the the flaws.

Sadly it just continues to be a very good photography magazine showing good work by various artists. Jul 3, 1. Beautiful pieces of digital art but not really so much as photograghry.


I’ve been a subscriber since and will continue to be one. PhotoShop done well can help an artist produce outstanding work, however done poorly it renders things grotesquely imho.

Portable Edition Formatted specifically for the iPad and lnswork portable devices; individual issues may be purchased online; also immediately downloadable for members of LensWork Online. No, create an account now. I never go lenswotk and look at the PDFs in the same way I do the printed magazines.

Perhaps msgazine should read his mission statement. I fall under the “if you don’t like what he prints, send him something you do” crowd. LensWork Daily online, everyday LensWork Daily is a single, unified resource for all kinds of information and content. If Brooks solely based his editorial policies on what we want he would be out of business in six months.

As the songs says, “the times they are a changing”, only thing is we aren’t.

You will be simply amazed at the extent and depth of content in this lensworm Brooks does a great job of msgazine photographers market and share their work. If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice. I am shocked at how it has changed since I last read one. Jul 5, Jul 3, 7. I remember not liking a lot of the images that magazines published back before digital, so why would everything be perfect today?

We at APUG for the most part are but a small microcosm of the general photographic community.